Sustainable Cities


Ministry of Education, Government of India received 55 proposals for establishing Centers of Excellence (CoEs) in Artificial Intelligence (AI), covering sectors of Agriculture (16), Health (24) and Sustainable Cities (15). In Phase-1, 11 cohorts have been selected to advance to the Proof-of-Concept stage, including 4 in Health, 5 in Sustainable Cities, and 2 in Agriculture.

Ministry of Education approved establishment of 3 CoEs in Al, in the area of Agriculture, Health, and Sustainable cities with a total financial outlay of Rs. 990.00 Cr over the period of FY 2023-24 to FY 2027-28.

CDIS is one of the 5 teams that have been shortlisted (for AI CoE for Sustainable Cities)!

Teams have a year to demonstrate prototypes of products showcasing their quality.

For more details, check out MoE’s post here