UP Digital Health Stack


Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur is taking on the responsibility of creating, validating and maintaining a number of vital digital health services for the state of UP. In the coming year, IITK will be working on the following problem statements, which will eventually be converted into actual services by Center for Developing Intelligent Systems (IIT Kanpur)

  1. Creating a benchmarking platform that uses federated learning and other privacy-preserving techniques to enable near zero-knowledge validation of proprietary and open models on proprietary and open datasets to create public benchmarks for various AI-based use cases in medicine

  2. Developing a health information exchange (HIE), wherein model builders can bid for health records that satisfy certain diagnostic properties (defined in meta-data), and patients can sell access to their electronic health data for specific purposes, without giving up control of the data and without any copies of the data being made

  3. Disease prevalence estimation and prediction using data from UP State’s disease surveillance portal

  4. Automated identification of alignment of prescribed treatments with standard treatment guidelines (STG)

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