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About us:

Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering:


The Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering is established to pursue teaching, research, consultancy and impart training programs in hydrology, water resources engineering, irrigation management, water quality and quantity management. It is a specialized field of Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur.


Hydraulic and Water Resources engineers deal with various surface water and groundwater systems. Of major interest are preservation of the natural river and watershed environment, conservation of surface water, and the restoration of polluted water and sediments. They are involved in the design and operation of dams and reservoirs, and hydroelectric power plants.


Typical courses offered by our specialization to meet the specific objective of the area are: Hydraulic Structures; Fluid Mechanics; open Channel Hydraulics; Sediment Transportation; Transients in Pipes; Unsteady open Channel Flow; Water Resources Systems Engineering and Management; Hydrologic Analysis and Design; Ground-water Hydrology and pollutant transport; Groundwater Systems Analysis; Water Resources Engineering; Coastal Engineering.