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Experimental Facilities for Non-destructive Structural Dynamics

The Experimental Facilities for at Structural Engineering Laboratory at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur are related to Ambient Vibration Survey System (AVSS), Forced Vibration Survey System, Dynamic Model testing, we also have Servo -Hydraulic Shake Table to provide us plateform for teaching, research, development, and consultancy.


   Ambient Vibration Survey System (AVSS)

  • Fast, effective and inexpensive means of obtaining in-situ dynamic characteristics (natural periods, mode shapes) of existing structures under ambient low level random vibrations (e.g., due to wind, wave and micro-tremors)
  • Consists of force balance accelerometers (1g), velocity meters (340 V/m/sec), 8-channel signal conditioner for accelerometers and velocity meters, a two-channel spectrum analyser, a six-colour pen-plotter and two 2-channel strip chart recorders along with PC based data- acquisition system

    Forced Vibration Survey System (FVSS)

        • Eccentric Mass Shaker System for obtaining the dynamic characteristics (natural periods, mode shapes and associated modal damping) of real-life civil engineering structures; Better than AVSS for capturing higher modes
        • 22 kN peak-force eccentric mass shaker developed in the laboratory to generate harmonic excitation up to 10 Hz
        • Driven by a closed-loop feedback control mechanism to maintain the desired frequency
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          Dynamic Model Testing

                Electro Dynamic Shaking Table

              • For studying small size models or for shaking structures that are not too stiff or too heavy.
              • Low levels of excitation is provided to prevail over ambient noise level.
              • Electro-dynamic shaker (133 N peak-force; frequency range up to 200 Hz.
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                Servo-Hydraulic Shake Table
                The servo-hydraulic powered uni-axial shake table can simulate real earthquake motions and can be used for seismic verification of small prototypes and models of large scale structural systems. Shake Table testing is essential for load-deformation behaviour of certain systems which are not amenable to Pseudo-Dynamic type testing.
                The medium sized shake table with the platform measuring 1.2x1.8 m is powered by 50 kN-150 mm MTS servo-hydraulic actuator which can generate velocities in the range of 1.5 m/s for simulation of Kobe class earthquake.
                Table Size : 1.2 m x 1.8 m
                Weight of Table : 8 kN
                Maximum Payload : 40 kN
                Maximum Displ. : 75 mm
                Maximum Velocity : 1.5 m/s
                Maximum Acceleration : 5 g
                Frequency Range : upto 50 Hz
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                Model Testing using Impact Hammer
                • Modally tuned impact hammer for modal analysis under free vibrations
                • Integral quartz force sensor on the striking end of the hammer-head

                PCB PIEZOTRONICS, Model No: 086D20

                instrumet manual
                Starterkit "Wireless Accelerometer & BeanGateway Outdoor & BeanScape Multi-WSN"
                • BeanGateway Ethernet (Outdoor version)
                Builds and manages a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) designed by BeanAir®
                Specifications and details
                BeanDevice AX-3D
                Wireless Triaxial accelerometer based on MEMS Technology
                Specifications and details
                BeanScape Multi-WSN
                The BeanScape is a real time WSN supervision and control monitor
                Licencing for Multiple PC
                Number of handled wireless sensor networks: unlimited (according to your PC/Server CPU& memory capability)
                Specifications and details
                Scilab scripts for digital signal processing( FFT & PPV Filtering)
                Powersupply Bloc 12V with M8-3 Pins plug/ watertight -IP67 for BeanDevice
                Starterkit "Wireless Accelerometer & BeanGateway Outdoor & BeanScape Lite"
                Same as above Except for
                BeanScape Lite
                Licencing : Single PC
                Maximum number of Wireless Sensor networks handled: 1

                Other Facilities

                Dynamic Signal Analyzer
                Agilent, Model No: 35670A

                The Agilent 35670A is a versatile FFT analyzer with built in source for general spectrum and network analysis, and for octave, order, and correlation analysis.

                The built in source with optional analysis features optimize the instrument for analyzing and troubleshooting noise, vibration and acoustic problems, evaluating and solving rotating machinery problems, and characterizing control systems parameters.


                Fiber Optic Based Temperature and Strain Measurement system

                (Optical Distributed Sensing Interrogator)

                LUNA technologies, Model: ODiSI -A10
                Interrogates thousands of sensing locations on a single optical fiber simultaneously. Reduce cost and acquire more data by instrumenting many sensing locations with a single, inexpensive optical fiber.
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