Consultancy / Research Projects

S No. Title Agency Work
1 “Strengthening Regulatory Research & Network in The Power Sector” (2017-) Government of United Kingdom through DFID Setting up Centre for Energy Regulation (CER) and conduct its activities including regulatory research, publications, knowledgebase development and capacity building
2 UI-ASSIST US-India Collaborative For Smart Distribution System With Storage (2017-) Multi-institutional project covering technological as well as regulatory/ policy aspects. Indian consortium is being led by IIT Kanpur. (Overall project total budget supported by GOI is US$7.5M for a consortium of Indian partners). Project components related to policy and regulatory aspects and market design are to be undertaken at Dept. of IME.
3 Business Models for Charging Infrastructure (2017-18) Maruti Suzuki India Ltd..
4 Measuring the impact of Electric Mobility on carbon footprint and energy security (2017-18) Maruti Suzuki India Ltd..
5 Energy Analytics Lab (EAL) (2017-) Indian Energy Exchange Ltd. Five year CSR supported funding for setting up of EAL at Dept. of IME
6 Low Cost Indoor Occupancy And Climate Monitoring System For Energy Conservation (Imprint No. 8073) (2017-) (With Prof Y N Singh, EE) IMPRINT India Initiative - Ministry of HRD and Ministry of Power
7 Developing 10-year Load Profile Project For State Of U.P And Mapping It Against Existing And Proposed Power Procurement Arrangements (2017) Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd. (UPPCL)
8 “Study and evaluate merit order of power scheduling and despatch” (2016-17) UP Electricity Regulatory Commission (UPERC).
9 “Energy Conservation and Implementation at IITK” (2015 -17) (With Prof. Sameer Khandekar, ME) IIT Kanpur.
10 "South Asia Regional Electricity Sector" (2014 - 2015) The World Bank (i) Review of power sector reform in South Asia and prospects of cross-border trade. (ii) Review of international experience with regional power market development, (iii) Proposed Strategy for development of a regional power market in South Asia.
11 “Alternate Mechanisms for Allocation of Transmission Capacity for Collective Transactions” (2013 - ) Indian Energy Exchange Ltd., New Delhi (i) Analysis of Electricity Market outcome and transmission congestion, (ii) Construction of alternate market clearing by combining PX and trading contracts (iii) Estimate economic benefits of the proposed strategy.
12 “Cross-border Electricity Trade in South Asia: Prospects for Regional Cooperation” (2013) Integrated Research for Action and Development, New Delhi Review of Cross-border trade of electricity in South Asia and discuss prospects for the future in the context of the international experience.
13 “Technology and Management Roadmap for UPSRTC Central Workshops” (2012) Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation To review of existing production practices to identify areas for productivity improvement, including improvement of energy consumption by the fleet of buses.
14 “Study on South Asia Regional Power Exchange” (2011-12) Asian Development Bank, Manila (i) Review the policy and regulatory environment for
15 “Contribution of Renewable Power towards Eliminating Shortages and Meeting Economic Growth Aspirations” (2011 -12) ICF Consulting India (for ClimateWorks Foundation (CWF) and Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation (Shakti))
16 “The Impact of Electricity Reforms on the Power Sector in India” (2011) The World Bank
17 “Developing a Database for Monitoring of Power Projects and Utility Operations in India” (2010-11) Planning Commission, Govt. of India, New Delhi
18 “Development of Transmission Pricing Schemes for Orissa”, (with Prof. S N Singh, Dept. of EE) (2009-10) Orissa Electricity Regulatory Commission
19 “Stakeholder Perspective and Indicators for Climate Policy Action in the Indian Power Sector” (2009) Dept. of Economics, University of Cambridge, UK, and Climate Strategies, UK
20 “South-North cooperation on implementation of domestic policies” (2008-09) Dept. of Economics, University of Cambridge, UK, and Climate Strategies, UK
21 “Verification of Power Exchange Trading algorithm” (2008) PXIL, Mumbai
22 “Development of Power Sector in UP” (2007) Giri Institute of Development Studies for a Study Group formed by Planning Commission to Prepare a Road Map for Rapid Economic Development of UP
23 “The Institutional Framework for Rural Energy Service from Renewables” (2006-07) Dept. of Economics, University of Cambridge, Cambridge (UK) (with Dr. Karsten Neuhoff and Mr. James Cust of Dept. of Economics, University of Cambridge, UK).
24 “The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) on Electricity Industry (EI) in India” (2004) UNCTAD
25 “Analysing barriers and policy measures to wider adoption of clean and energy efficient technologies in the power Sector." (with Department. of Elec. Engg., IIT Kanpur) (2003-04) Funded by Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) and coordinated by Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand
26 “A Survey on Integrated Assessment Modelling for Climate Change” (2002) United Nations University/Institute for Advanced Studies (UNU/IAS), Tokyo
27 “Preparation of Study Proposal for Examination of Inter-Fuel Pricing” (2001) The World Bank