Mr. Narayan Murthy

(Founder, Infosys)

Mr. Arvind Pradhan

(President, Camaco LLC)

Mr. Naveen Tewari

(Founder, InMobi)


Dr. S. D. Chowdhury

(Founder, Gaia Smart Cities)

Dr. Pradeep S. Sindhu

(Founder, Juniper Networks)

Mr. Dheeraj Pandey

(Founder, Nutanix)


Mr. Umang Gupta

(Former CEO, Keynote Systems)

Mr. Yadupati Singhania

(Chairman/MD, JK Cements Ltd.)

Mr. Vishnu Agarwal

(Founder/CMD, Tech. Associates)


Mr. Varun Khaitan

(Founder, UrbanClap)

Mrs. Pooja Sankar

(Founder, Piazza Technologies Inc)

Mr. Sahil Baghla

(CEO/Co-founder, Audience)


Mr. Prashant Pathak

(CEO, Ekagrata Inc.)

Mr. Narendra K. H. Kale

(Founder, Kale Logistics Solutions)


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