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Prajual maheshwari Y16 2020

I remember myself wondering about the word 'Bakati' and walking over it for the first time at the Hall - II entrance. This place gave me a family away from my home. Takneek, Phatta League etc. all strengthened the hall feeling in me. The mess, computer room, reading room, football field and basket ball ground have been the witness of endless stories of my IITK life. My first room 127, C-Bot as a fresher was in front of quads and the scenic beauty became manifold with the roaming peacocks. Hall -... See More

Tarun Anand 1980

Best part of living in Hall 3 was that our entire batch was in the same Hall and didnā€™t split between Hall 2 and 3. Few great memories: - Dhingra, our batchmate wd do anything for Anda Coupons, even strippingšŸ˜œ - phatta cricket competition between wings in the corridors was intensely competitive and hit our juices flowing like nothing else - lowering a human skull with a lighted candle inside from the terrace down to our wing mateā€™s window and seeing his expressions made this the most i... See More

Animesh Nareda Y17

I am Animesh, commonly referred to as Nareda A Y17(yes this batch) and a student of Mechanical Engineering(the legendary MechEngis). Describing the fondest memory at Hall 2 is unfair as picking just one memory as superior to others is plain unfair when all I got from this college is a plethora of memories some salty, some sweet, and copious bitter ones(more than my liking at least !). So, I will make a list and then roll a dice to select which one to use for this. Ok, so I will be delivering a r... See More

Chitranshu Chandel Y16

Mighty Mighty Hall 3, Galaxy Winner Hall 3... I'd be lying if I say I didn't get the Chills whenever I listened to these lines. Hall 3 was a Home away from Home. Countless memories of Bulla sessions, Seniors Interacting with us (scared freshers) , Bringing the Galaxy back to Hall, carrying it in my arms, like a baby, having a conversation about life with Seniors, Juniors, Hall office & Mess employees, Learning to cook food by myself in Canteen. Those Grand GBMs for Galaxy, that huge crowd lined... See More

Abhigyan Verma Y16

I still remember my first day in Hall - 3. Walking through the blue and white corridors to the Hall Office to get registered, get a room, and to meet the other two room-mates who turned out to be the greatest of friends. Getting used to calling them Baapu and Bhais and hence forming my own IITK Family and making Hall-3, a place to call home. It is the memories made in those four walls of my various rooms viz. Room 126, Room 365, and Room 212 in the Hall of Residence - 3 that made me cherish my ... See More

Ananta Mukerji Class of 1980

When I think about our days at IITK, I always begin by recalling the nicknames by which we knew many of our batch mates. How can one ever forget names like Anda, Athanni, Bana, Bharu, Cheli, Chudu, Delta, Django, Eeshie, Fatru, GeeGee, Ghozy, Haagu, Halabbu, EyeKay, JayJayBee, Kholu, Kutta, Lambu, Maikoo, Motay, Nanga, PapaJay, PeeDee, Pondy, Purdy, Rags, Samby, Satta, Scindia, Shorty, Subra, Texan, Thakur, YouBee, VeeDee, etc, etc.and then there were the affectionate greetings that were yelled... See More

Pradyot Mukerji Class of 1980

I was in room 121, Hall-3 as a fresher in 1975. (late) ND Rai from neighboring country Sikkim was in room 120. In those days, all B Tech students used to stay either in Hall 3 or Hall 2 for first 3 years of our 5- year course. In 2 nd semester, some of us learnt hypnotism in Psychology elective. A classmate, say Singh, tried to hypnotize Rai. Rai got hypnotized and all went well till Singh made some derogatory remarks about Sikkim King. Rai got furious and started shouting "I will kill you". Sti... See More

Amitava Bhattacharya Class of 1980

Fleeting memories keep coming backā€¦arriving at Hall III as an eager but nervous kid fresh out of schoolā€¦ being assigned a Wing 1 top floor roommate in a crowded meeting in the Officeā€¦that roommate eventually turning out to be one of the most well-known members of our batch for *very* interesting reasons :-)ā€¦getting to know batchmates from all over India, and from other countriesā€¦immediately struggling with homework and quizzesā€¦mugging for exams late into the night and taking time off... See More

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