Dr. Jag Mohan Chair

Mr. Sudhir M Mittal (BT/CHE/1970) worked with Union Carbide for 10 years. He switched from job to his own enterprise and and set up special wire manufacturing unit Sukriti Vidyut Udyog making silver and nickel plated copper wires that are largely exported to Europe, USA and the far east. Mr. Mittal pursues village and primary education. He is president of Gram Bharati, near Pilakhua, a training school for teachers of village schools. He is presently actively associated with Saraswati Vidya Mandir, Ghaziabad.
Mr. Mittal constituted Dr. Jag Mohan Chair that is open to all departments of sciences and engineering and can be occupied for a period of three years.
Dr. Jag Mohan Garg was born in 1933 in Ghaziabad & did his B.Sc Honors from Banaras Hindu University. After attaining diploma from IISC, Bangalore (1954), Dr. Garg briefly taught at Bihar Institute of Technology in Sindri and later went to the US for higher studies where he earned his MS & PhD in Electrical Engineering. Upon his return from the US, Dr. Garg founded Garg Associates Pvt. Ltd. in Ghaziabad in collaboration with a US company for manufacturing PTFE insulated wires & cables. He evolved process & technology for making these cables with home-grown world-class quality equipment. In 1970s, Dr. Garg went back to the US to lecture among the Indian diaspora to facilitate qualified technocrats return to India. Quite a few of them returned to India and closely worked under his guidance to set up their own enterprise. Teaching remained his prime passion. He donated generously to many institutions, and always lived very modestly.

Current Occupant

Prof. Ashish Dutta

August 2018 - August 2021

Prof. Ashish Dutta, Department of Mechanical Engineering, research interests include Robotics, Intelligent Control systems, Microsensors and actuators, and Bio-robotics. Prof. Dutta leads the Mechatronics Lab at IITK where students and associated professors actively pursue research and professors conduct courses on Machine Learning, AI & Robotics. He led a team at Mechatornics lab in creating a prototype of Chandrayan-2. Prof. Dutta earned his doctorate from Akita University, Japan (2002).