C.V. Seshadri Chair

Late Prof. Chetput Venkatasubban Seshadri was a distinguished Indian chemical engineer. He started his academic career as an Assistant Professor of IIT Kanpur in 1965 and later became a full professor. Prof. Seshadri was also the Head of the Chemical Engineering Department of IITK. He took on administrative position by serving as the Dean of Students Affairs at IITK. Prof. Seshadri left IITK in 1974 to join Kasturi Paper Food and Chemicals Ltd., Bangalore, where he set up India's first fodder-yeast plant. In 1976, he joined the Shri A. M. M. Murugappa Chettiar Research Center in Chennai as its founder Director. It was at this Research Center he helped develop several appropriate technologies, including Spirulina Algae. For this effort, he was awarded the prestigious Jamnalal Bajaj award for S&T for rural development in 1981. Prof. Seshadri earned his doctorate from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh & later worked as a Research Associate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His friends fondly remember him as someone who could mould ordinary people like a potter into good scientists.
Friends, relatives & well-wishers of Late Prof. CV Seshadri set up CV Seshadri Chair under his name in the year 2008. This Chair can be occupied for a period of three years and it opened to the Department of Chemical Engineering.

Current Occupant

Prof. Animangsu Ghatak

May 2019 - April 2022

Prof. Animangsu Ghatak, Department of Chemical Engineering, specializes in the areas of Mechanics of soft materials, Adhesion, friction and fracture at soft interfaces, Locomotion of soft bodied objects & Fracture of soft gels. He has done path-breaking research in his field and developed technologies like, Ashperical Optical Lenses, Reusable & Washable Adhesives & heterogeneous Substrates for Protein Crystallization. Prof. Ghatak is famed for developing reusable paper that can be easily cleaned and used again while maintaining its quality. For his cutting-edge research, Prof. Ghatak was awarded the prestigious SERB-STAR in the Engineering Sciences category in the year 2020.