KENT Entrepreneurship & Innovation Chair

Mr. Mahesh Gupta (BT/ME/1975), a well-renowned name in the water purification industry, is the Founder & Chairman of KENT RO Ltd., India. He is man behind revolutionizing purified drinking water in India. He patented the technology in 1990 and launched the brand Kent RO. After founding his company in late 90s, Mr. Gupta diversified into other products like, vacuum cleaner, water softener, air purifiers and many others. Before starting his own business venture, Mr. Gupta joined Indian Oil Corporation and worked as an engineer on conservation of fuel. He has more than half a dozen patent technologies to his name.
Mr. Gupta instituted KENT Entrepreneurship & Innovation Chair open to faculty working on new technologies & innovations. The Chair can be occupied for a period of three years.

Current Occupant

Prof. Amitabha Bandhopadyay

May 2019 - April 2022

Prof. Amitabha Bandhopadyay, Department of Biological Sciences & Bioengineering, works in the areas of mechanisms of cartilage and bone differentiation. He also heads the Developmental Biology Lab that primarily works in the Articular cartilage development and osteoarthritis and Bone development and osteoporosis. Prof. Bandhopadhyay is currently Faculty-in-charge of SIIC tat IITK that provides a platform to facilitate bio-entrepreneurship. He earned his doctorate from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Yeshiva University, New York (2002).