Ranjit Singh Chair for Rozi Shiksha Kendra

Late Dr. Ranjit Singh (BT/MME/1965) is one of the most esteemed alumnus of IITK. Dr. Singh started his career by working in a semiconductor industry in the Silicon Valley and later shifted to Allied Chemicals. He was the leader in developing cubic zirconia in 1979 and soon became a worldwide leader in artificial diamonds. Late Dr. Singh started his own company, Ranjit Singh Corp. in New Jersey, and was the supplier of artificial diamonds jewellery and other precious gems. He earned his Doctorate from MIT, USA.
Late Dr. Singh believed in the growth and prosperity for all. To take his philosophy forward, he set-up the Ranjit Singh Foundation at IIT Kanpur that supports twelve different scholarships given to students from humble backgrounds. The Foundation also supports Ranjit Singh Chair instituted at IITK and Ranjit Singh Rozi Shiksha Kendra. His philanthropic work has continued to change many lives and has made a deeper impact on the society. Late Dr. Singh instituted Ranjit Singh Chair for Rozi Shiksha Kendra.

For more - https://www.iitk.ac.in/rsk/

Current Occupant

Prof. Sandeep Sangal

Dec. 2023- Dec. 2025

Prof. Sandeep Sangal is a professor in the Department of Material Science & Engineering at IIT Kanpur. His research interests are Physical and Mechanical Metallurgy and academic interests are Structure-Property Correlations, Microstructural Characterization, Stereology, Image Analysis, Development of Web-based Educational Aids. He graduated from IIT Kanpur in 1982 and subsequently went on to earn his M.S. and PhD degrees from University of Manitoba in 1985 and 1989 respectively.