Vishesh Panjabi Memorial Scholarship

Rs. 12,13,600
Rs. 12,50,000
Goal Amount

This scholarship is in loving memory of one of the finest and most loved students at IIT Kanpur - (late) Vishesh Panjabi (IITK/CE/2014). A beautiful life that got cut short by cardiac arrest in 2015, but not before it deeply touched and brought smiles to hundreds of us with his adoring passion for supporting others and contributing towards IIT Kanpur.

He meant different things to different people.

For Professors: He was a well mannered student, a celebrated winner of 4 medals in the 2014 convocation, and the first recipient of "Socially Relevant Project" Award (Ranjan Kumar Memorial medal) for building robotics aid for the visually impaired.

For his batch-mates: He was fondly known for sharing his (LAN famous) department notes, for his cooler and bicycle that got used by everyone but him, and for ferociously helping others with all his heart no matter what he was going through.

For his juniors: He was the coolest Counseling Service Coordinator who led the effort of setting up academic mentor program to help over a hundred students in need, and personally supported dozens of them himself.

For his family: He was a pillar of strength who filled in the role of a parent for his sibling after his father passed away while he was still in the second year of college.

He once told a friend to "Help a person even when you are going through a bad day, because the other person might be having the worst day of his life." He inspired and filled so many of our lives with his love and compassion.

The world doesn't make people like him any more. This scholarship is just one way to celebrate his legacy, the smiles he brought in this world, and the one thing that he was always passionate about - helping others in need at IIT Kanpur. This one time corpus fund is being created in his name with a vision of supporting a meritorious student in financial need with an annual scholarship of Rs. 50,000 till perpetuity over the many decades to come.

Below are a few beautiful memories from professors and students fondly remembering Vishesh. You can share your memories below.

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