Why Support IITK

Your every gift to the institute brings a positive change and creates an impact. At IITK brilliant minds converge to produce path-breaking research and forge a bright future. With your generosity, you become a partner in their success. Every gift matters. Explore a way to support your alma mater in a way that works for you. At IIT Kanpur, donor appreciation is highly valued. Hence, we take care to show our heartfelt gratitude.

Giving = Gratitude

When an institute produces successful graduates, they tend to have affinity and love for their alma mater. This loyalty can be expressed by donating to your institute. It is your way of showing appreciation for the education and development IITK provided you. Your giving back is a reflection of your gratitude.

Eminence of IITK

Your donations not only help increase financial support, they are also indicative of love and support by you to other educational institutions as well. Donations can improve the reputation of the institute thereby attracting more students and high-caliber faculty, which can improve the ranking of the institute.

Building Future Generation

Scholarships ensure that the rising cost of education does not disrupt the quality of education. When you donate to your alma mater, you are investing in students and in their future.

Engaging the Community

Community - building activities help achieve inclusive growth and development that allows an institute to succeed. You could offer your knowledge and skills by actively engaging in various outreach activities, giving talks on professional development etc.to students and faculty. Your donations can be effectively used to ensure success of students outside of institute and provide them with necessary tools and skills to find employment in their fields.

Lasting Legacy

Your gift has an impact. Your time, skills, knowledge, donation - matters. By leaving a legacy, you make a positive impact and bring change to the students of today and tomorrow.