About Pre-Seed Ideation

This is an ideation accelerator program for supporting IITK students’ pre-seed start-up ideas

To covert these ideas in to reality students need small funding. This program provide support to 5-10 ideas with maximum funding of 1 lakh per proposal. The list of areas in the program are (not limited to):

  • IoT
  • Machine Learning
  • Platform development
  • Embedded Systems
  • Robotics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Material genome

If there are students who have ideas and would like some financial support to convert their ideas into reality, they can get a chance to support their projects from this program.

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Funded Projects


Project Member

Nikhil Kumar Singh
Ayush Nishad
Alok Kumar

Progress:   Pdf / Video

Design and Development of eG_Roti

Project Member

Prakash Kumar Singh
Rupendra Aryal

Progress:   Pdf / Video

Mobile classes for masses

Project Member

Anchit Singh
Shreya Kacholia

Progress:   Pdf / Video


Project Member

Nitik Jain
Arjav Modi

Design and Development of Syringe Pump

Project Member

Rupendra Aryal

Papertowns: An AR product

Project Member

Antreev Singh Brar
Gurbaaz Singh Nandra


Project Member

Prince Pratap Singh

Design and Development of AI Based Portable SmartOral Cancer Screening Device

Project Member


Progress:   Pdf / Video

Agile tethered-drone based surveillance system for the detection of radiological dispersal devices (RDD) and hotspot characterization in a post-accident/attack scenario

Project Member

Gurpreet Singh

Progress:   Pdf / Video

Success Story

Mobile classes for masses

Anchit Singh is a final year undergraduate student in the CSE department. He and his teammate Shreya Kacholia under the guidance of Prof Amey Karkare, developed a Lightweight, Smart Learning Management System (LMS). It is a unique first of its kind of software in the LMS category that uses Telegram Chatbots to disseminate information among students. Telegram messaging apps consume a meagre amount of internet data, making them ideal for students located in areas with poor internet connectivity:

Some of its unique features are:

  • Automatic allocation of student’s submissions to Tutors & TAs with a single click.
  • Code Viewers, Image Graders, Live quizzes, Automatic performance report generation for students and professors.
  • Students can send submissions or ask queries directly from Telegram Chatbot.
  • Professors can build their chatbot commands without having to write any code. These commands can then be used to distribute important files, information, puzzles, research papers, etc.
  • Professors can create a backup of course data (for reuse and sharing purpose) and efficiently handle complex tasks like group projects.
  • Students and professors can store unlimited data.

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He won first place in the Startup Master Class's Ideathon competition, held in April 2021 and organised by the Alumni Association IITK. Even in this short beta run of around one month, a total of 4000+ Chatbot interactions took place among students, thus showing an increase in the level of interactivity among students.


Guidelines for the Reimbursement (Pre-Seed Ideation Program)

  • There will be a mid-term evaluation to check the progress of the project. If the progress is not up to the mark, then your support under the pre-seed ideation program will be terminated. Students need to present and demonstrate the project in mid-term evaluation which will be held in December 2020.

  • A progress report should be submitted for reimbursement of the expenditure in the prescribed format.

  • Submit a Micro level budgetary estimate for the sanctioned amount.

  • Students can only avail up to 50% of sanction amount before Mid-Term Progress with prior approval.

  • The quotation must be required for any item above 5K, required prior approval from pre-seed Ideation committee. The maximum amount of purchase of any component should be below 25K.

  • For the reimbursement, submit the duly filled form at miap.dora@gmail.com. Click here to download the format.

  • A complete report with a video demonstrating the product should be submitted to DoRA, for the record.

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