About Pre-Seed Ideation

This is an ideation accelerator program for supporting IITK students’ pre-seed start-up ideas

To covert these ideas in to reality students need small funding. This program provide support to 5-10 ideas with maximum funding of 1 lakh per proposal. The list of areas in the program are (not limited to):

  • IoT
  • Machine Learning
  • Platform development
  • Embedded Systems
  • Robotics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Material genome

If there are students who have ideas and would like some financial support to convert their ideas into reality, they can get a chance to support their projects from this program.

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Funded Projects


Project Member

Nikhil Kumar Singh
Ayush Nishad
Alok Kumar

Progress:   Pdf / Video

Design and Development of eG_Roti

Project Member

Prakash Kumar Singh
Rupendra Aryal

Progress:   Pdf / Video

Mobile classes for masses

Project Member

Anchit Singh
Shreya Kacholia

Progress:   Pdf / Video


Project Member

Nitik Jain
Arjav Modi

Design and Development of Syringe Pump

Project Member

Rupendra Aryal

Papertowns: An AR product

Project Member

Antreev Singh Brar
Gurbaaz Singh Nandra


Project Member

Prince Pratap Singh

Design and Development of AI Based Portable SmartOral Cancer Screening Device

Project Member


Progress:   Pdf / Video

Agile tethered-drone based surveillance system for the detection of radiological dispersal devices (RDD) and hotspot characterization in a post-accident/attack scenario

Project Member

Gurpreet Singh

Progress:   Pdf / Video


Guidelines for the Reimbursement (Pre-Seed Ideation Program)

  • There will be a mid-term evaluation to check the progress of the project. If the progress is not up to the mark, then your support under the pre-seed ideation program will be terminated. Students need to present and demonstrate the project in mid-term evaluation which will be held in December 2020.

  • A progress report should be submitted for reimbursement of the expenditure in the prescribed format.

  • Submit a Micro level budgetary estimate for the sanctioned amount.

  • Students can only avail up to 50% of sanction amount before Mid-Term Progress with prior approval.

  • The quotation must be required for any item above 5K, required prior approval from pre-seed Ideation committee. The maximum amount of purchase of any component should be below 25K.

  • For the reimbursement, submit the duly filled form at miap.dora@gmail.com. Click here to download the format.

  • A complete report with a video demonstrating the product should be submitted to DoRA, for the record.

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