Interaction of ISRO Expert & IITK Faculty


 IITK Experts

Prof. Bishakh Bhattacharya, Prof. Tanmoy Maiti, Prof. Debabrata Goswami , Prof.Naren Naik, Prof. G. Rajshekhar, Prof. Kantesh Balani, Prof. Sudip Ghosh and their students visited SAC, Ahmedabad for review of Ongoing Projects in the "Annual RESPOND Internal Meeting." Click here.

 ISRO Experts

Mr. A S Kiran Kumar
Chairman, Space Commission and Chairman, ISRO
" Talks and Discussions on Present and Future Challenges in Space "

"A successful video Conference Meeting had organised between IIT Kanpur PI's and SAC, Ahmedabad Co-PI's to "Review Status of the Ongoing Projects" in IIT Kanpur.


 IITK Experts

Prof. Sameer Khandekar
"RESPOND Internal Meeting", SAC, Ahmedabad

Prof. Nachiketa Tiwari
"RESPOND Internal Meeting", SAC, Ahmedabad


 ISRO Experts

Dr. S. Dasgupta,
INAE Professor & Engineer H, VSSC, Trivandrum
Topics: "Modelling of Flexible Body and Slosh Mode Dynamics of Rockets and their Stability Analysis"
              "Design & Analysis of control Loop for PSLV Rocket - A Case Study"

Dr. P.D. Agarwal,
Head, PPEG, ISRO, Inertial Systems Unit, VSSC, Trivandrum
Topics: "Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery"

Mr. A. K. Gupta
Group Director IESG with a team of engineers of IISU, Trivandrum.
Topics: "Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery on sensor data of IISU"
              "First hand experimentation on statistical tools, as CART- MARS"

 IITK Experts

Prof. Phalguni Gupta
"RESPOND Annual Meeting", SAC, Ahmedabad

Prof. P. K. Kalra, Prof. L. Behera, Prof. J. Chatterjee
"Talks and Discussions on Knowledge Management" with the concerned ISRO engineers.

Dr. Krishna Kumar
"Space Colloquium" on the Present and Future Challenges in Aerospace.
ISAC, Bangalore


 ISRO Experts

Dr. R. Ramakrishnan,
Scientist / Engineer, SAC, Ahmedabad.
Topics: "Insights into Efficient Algorithm for Stimulus Mosaic Problem"
              "Parallel Implementation of Efficient Digital Image Processing Algorithm of Remotely Sensed Data"

Dr. B. Subramoniam,
Topics: "A Discussion on Spacecraft Technology"

Dr. V. Adimurthy,
Deputy Director, VSSC, Trivandrum.
Topics: "The Re-entry of Objects from GTO Orbits"
              "The On-Orbit Explosion of Upper Stages"

Dr. S. Dasgupta,
INAE Professor & Engineer H, VSSC, Trivandrum.
Topics: "Challenges in Guidance and Control Design for Launch Vehicles"

Dr. Padmanabhan,
Space Applications Centre, Ahemdabad.
Topics: "A discussion on Geometric Correction Techniques of IRS 1C/ 1D Images"

 IITK Experts

Dr. Krishna Kumar
"National Workshop on University Initiatives For Micro Satellite Development"
(held jointly with Astronautical Society of India) to provide a glimpse of activities planned on the development and fabrication of the Micro satellite.
ANNA University, Chennai