We Pledge

Our Vision

"To march ahead as the torchbearers of the scientific community by initiating Space Programmes of world class importance, putting India in the reckoning as a potential global player with the state-of-art technology"


To visualize and identify the challenging issues & the complex multi-disciplinary problems in the years to come by adopting a proactive approach regarding the future needs of the Indian Space Programme through extensive research base and optimal utilization of knowledge, expertise and experience.


We, at Space Technology Cell, intend to harness the advanced areas of space science & technology by taking up quality and quantity initiatives to carry out researches of high importance to the Indian Space Programme, thereby contribute to the all round development of nation.


The collaborative efforts of IIT Kanpur with the Indian Space Research Organization and various other Space Centres have been extremely helpful in bringing us closer to achieving our objectives.

Focal Points

1) Maximize research base, expertise and experience.
2) Generate basic knowledge through advanced academic researches.
3) Tackle multi-disciplinary problems in the Space Technology.
4) Focus specially on the ongoing Space Programmes and the application areas.

Thrust Areas

1) Structural Engineering dealing with Composites and Smart Structures.
2) Dynamic Analysis and Control of Spacecraft and Launch Vehicles.
3) Software related to different applications.
4) Identification of new Advanced SpaceTechnology and its Application Areas.
5) High Performance Ceramics and Composite Materials.
6) Development of Computational Models for Complex Space Problems.