1. I have joined the new academic session, am I eligible to be a Day Scholar?

Answer: As per Statute 23(1), the Institute shall be a residential institution and all students, research scholars and research fellow shall reside in the Halls of Residence and hostels built by the Institute for the purpose. In exceptional cases, the Director may permit a student, scholar or fellow to reside with his parent or guardian, but where any such permission is accorded to a student, scholar or fellow, such student scholar or fellow, as the case may be, shall be liable of such seat rent as he would have been liable for the payment of seat rent had he resided in the hostel.


2. Who is eligible to be a Day Scholar with HRA?

Answer: Only Ph.D., M.Tech, MS and M.Des married students getting assistantship from the institute and permitted to stay out of campus are eligible to claim HRA. Further, the applicant should be on the waitlist of SBRA/CPWD houses and his/her spouse is not claiming any HRA in Kanpur and has not been provided any official govt. accommodation in Kanpur.


3. What is the procedure to become a Day Scholar?

Answer: Please go through the below link and submit the complete set of forms to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . (Application for Permission to be a Day Scholar)


4. When I can submit my application for Day Scholar?

Answer: Before registration in every semester, applications are called to become a Day Scholar. During the prescribed time only, applications duly completed in all respect can be submitted.


5. How I can get the SBRA accommodation?

Answer: You may please approach to SBRA Convenor at email id This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call at 0512-259-5411.


6. How I can get the CPWD/Type1B houses?

Answer: As and when some houses are fallen vacant, the intimation is sent to the eligible students. On the recommendation of duly constituted committee for the purpose, the houses are allotted to eligible students.


7. How to pay the electricity bill & license fee for SBRA/CPWD/Type-1B houses?

Answer: You can pay your electricity bill & license fee through SBI I-collect.


8. If a student is not registered, can he become a Day scholar?

Answer: For becoming a Day Scholar, one has to be academically registered for the current semester.


9. I have not submitted my application for Day scholar within the prescribed time limits. Can I apply later for the same?

Answer: In case of non-submission of your application in time, your application will be considered for next semester only and for the same you have to apply again when the intimation is given.


10. Why MEC/Water Charges are included in my payable fees once I have applied for a Day Scholar?

Answer: MEC/Water Charges will only be reduced if you have been permitted to be a day scholar and an office order has been issued in this regard.