An academic year is divided into four quarters; each quarter is of 10 weeks duration. The first 8 weeks will be used for teaching and exams will be held in the 9th/10th week. Each e-Masters student must complete a set of 4 Program Core (PC) modules, which are compulsory and must be completed in order to graduate. Additionally another 8 Program Elective (PE) modules need to be completed from a basket of courses. The full list of modules being offered as well as their content will be available at the e-Masters Program website prior to the commencement of each quarter, so as to facilitate the selection of modules.

A sample template for the e-Masters program is as follows:

Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4

PE: Program Elective Modules; PC: Program Core Modules

However the template given above is only an example, since it is not mandatory to take 3 modules per quarter. Indeed, a student may take 0-3 modules per quarter depending on his/her professional workload, and as a result, may take up to 3 years to complete the program.

An admitted student registers for the program once at the beginning of the program, and normally such a registration will be valid for 3 years. At the end of 3 years, a student may apply to extend the program registration if he/she has not completed all requirements of the program. A student is required to register for every module that he/she plans to take in a quarter. Students must register during the registration period for the selected modules subject to credit load constraints.

The module evaluation policies will be announced prior to the commencement of a module in that particular quarter. The evaluation process will be designed to ensure that the high standards of IIT Kanpur processes are maintained. A continuous mode of evaluation will be followed with online assessments like in-video quizzes, online quizzes, assignments, projects, student participation analytics, and mid-quarter examinations. The end-of-quarter examination will be conducted in a proctored mode.

In every registered module, a student will be awarded one of the letter grades A* (10), A (10), B (8), C (6) D (4), E (2), and F(0) indicating his/her overall performance in the module. A student earns 5 credits for each module where he/she is awarded at least an E grade. A student getting an E or a F grade in a module must either repeat it or substitute it by another module as suggested by Department. A student getting a D grade in a module may be allowed to repeat it.

A student should have earned 60 credits, earned a CPI of 6.5, paid all dues to the Institute, and should have no pending case of indiscipline against him/her to graduate.

In addition to the courses, candidates are required to do two weeks of on-campus practical training involving hands-on lab sessions, testbed demonstrations, and lab visits in the state-of-the-art/cutting edge areas of 5G/Edge Computing/Machine Learning/AI for Communications.