Modules of Study


The following are the tentative modules of study that will be offered in this Program:

Program Core Modules

  • Digital Communication Systems

  • Wireless Communications

  • Probability and Random Processes

  • Applied Linear Algebra

Program Elective Modules

  • Advanced Probability

  • Machine Learning basics

  • Deep Learning for Communication

  • Detection and Estimation Theory

  • Speech and Audio Coding for Communication

  • Basics of Convex Optimization

  • Optimization in SPCOM

  • Data Communication Networks

  • Simulation Techniques for Modern Communication Systems

  • Foundations of Information Theory and Data Compression

  • Error Control Codes: Theory & Practice

  • MIMO Wireless Communication

  • Simulation-Based Design of 5G-NR Wireless Standard

  • Analysis of Wireless Systems

  • Advanced Modulation and Multiple Access for Next Generation Wireless Systems

  • RF systems for Communication

The list is tentative and new courses will be continuously added while obsolete ones will be removed over time.