Books Published


Modified on November 1st, 2016






Pradip Sirkar

Mathematical Aspects of Signal Processing

Cambridge University Press 2016

Aditya K. Jagannatham


Tata McGraw Hill, September 2015

G. Rajshekhar, S. S. Gorthi, and P. Rastogi

Local Polynomial Phase Modeling and Estimation", Phase estimation in Optical Interferometry

CRC Press, 2014.


Basic Electrical engineering

PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd,2011

Dr Yogesh Singh Chauhan (and coauthors)

FinFET Modeling for IC Simulation and Design



Digital Communications And Signal Processing

Universities Press, Second edition 2010

Laxmidhar Behera and Indrani Kar,

Intelligent Systems and Control: Principles and Applications

Oxford University Press, Nov 2009

Saikat Chakrabarti

"Application of Arti cial Neural Networks for Online Voltage Stability Mon- itoring and Enhancement of an Electric Power System "

VDM Verlag, Saarbrcken, Germany,2008

Jaleel Akhtar

Microwave Imaging: Reconstruction of One Dimensional Permittivity Profiles

VDM Verlag Dr Mueller, Germany, May 2008

Aloke Dutta

Semiconductor Devices and Circuits

Oxford University Press, March 2008

AR Harish and M. Sachidananda

Antennas and Wave Propagation

Oxford University Press, July 2007

Sanjay Gupta & Joseph John

Virtual Instrumentation using LABVIEW

Tata McGraw Hill, NewDelhi


Electric Power generation transmission and distribution

Prentice Hall of India, New Delhi (Jan 2003)

A.Ghosh and G.Ledwich

Power Quality Enhancement using Custom Power Devices

Kluwer Academic Publishers,Boston,2002

S.K. Bose

An Introduction to Queuing Systems

Kluwer Academic & Plenum Publishers, December 2001

Dr. A.K. Gupta & Dr. L.P. Singh

Power Electronics and Introduction to drives

Dhanpat Rai Publishing Company

G.K. Dubey , S.R. Doradla, A. Joshi and R.M.K. Sinha

Thyristerized Power controllers

Wiley Eastern, 9th reprint, 1999

R. Arora and Wolfgang Mosch

High Voltage Insulation Engineering; Behavior of Dielectrics their properties and applications

Wiley Eastern, New Delhi, 1995 (5th reprint 1999)

B. Sarkar

Optimal Approach

Wheeler Publishers, New Delhi, 1995

G.K. Dubey

Fundamentals of Electrical Drives

Narosa Pub. New Delhi, 1994

L.P. Singh

Digital Protection: Protective Relaying from Electromechanical to Microprocessor

Wiley Eastern Ltd., New Delhi, 1994

O.P. Arora

Power Electronics Laboratory - Experiments and Organization

A.H. Wheeler & Co. Ltd., New Delhi, 1993

L.P. singh

Advanced Power Systems Analysis and Dynamics

Wiley Eastern Ltd., New Delhi, 3rd Edn, 1992


Advanced Power Systems Analysis and Dynamics

John Wiley,New Delhi1991


HVDC Transmission Systems

Wiley Eastern Ltd., New Delhi 1991


Hardware and Software of Personal Computers

Wiley Eastern Ltd., New Delhi, 3rd Edn, 1991


Power Semiconductor Drives

Prentice Hall of India,N.J.1989

R. Raghuram

Computer Simulation of Electronic Circuits

Wiley Eastern Ltd., New Delhi, 1989

R.D. Begamudre

Electro-Mechanical Energy Conversion with Dynamics of Machines

Wiley Eastern Ltd., New Delhi, 1988

J. Das

Review of Digital Communication 'State of the Art' in Signalling Digital Switching and Data Networks

Wiley Eastern Ltd., New Delhi, 1988

J. Das, S.K. Mullick and P.K. Chatterjee

Principles of Digital Communication

Wiley Eastern and Halstead Press, 1986

R.D. Begamudre

Extra High Voltage A.C. Transmission Engineering

Wiley Eastern Ltd., New Delhi, 1986

G.K. Dubey, S.R. Doradla, A. Joshi & R.M.K. Sinha

Thyristorised Power Controllers

Wiley Eastern Ltd., New Delhi, 1986

S.K. Bose

Digital systems From Gates to Microprocessors

Wiley Eastern Limited,New Delhi, 1985 (Second Edition 1994)

M.A. Pai

Computer Techniques in Power System Analysis

Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi, 1979

K.C.Gupta, R. Garg and I.J. Bahl

Microstrip Lines and Slot Lines (Rev. Edn.)

Artech House, U.S.A. 1979

K.C. Gupta


Wiley Eastern, New Delhi, 1979

M.A. Pai

Introduction to Electric Circuits and Machines

East West Press, New Delhi, 1975

K.C. Gupta and A.Singh

Microwave Integrated Circuits

Wiley Eastern, New Delhi, 1974

K.C.Gupta, , Ramesh Garg & Rakesh Chadda

Computer Aided Design of Microwave Circuits

Artech House Book, USA


An Introduction to Thyristor and Their Applications

Affiliated East-West press,1972

M.A. Pai

Introductory Linear Network Analysis and Electric Machines

Affiliated East-West Press, 1972