Director's Message

IIT Kanpur is organizing a two-week
Leadership for Academicians Program (LEAP-2020) at IIT Kanpur, Lucknow, and Delhi, which will be followed by a week-long training program at Oxford University, UK for 30 potential future Academic administrators. This training program will include lectures, demonstrations, group discussions, special evening talks and problem-solving sessions by top academicians, entrepreneurs and bureaucrats. In addition, there will be a workshops for experiential learning and business etiquettes.

This  program  will  impart  required  leadership  skills  to the participants for  pursuit  of excellence  in  academics and research, faculty and student  management,  team  building,  infrastructure development, new  educational pedagogy,  institution  building,  financial  planning,  innovation  and incubation,  addressing  gender  related/ diversity  issues,  understanding  the  governance  structure,  alumni  and  international  relationships, general  administration  and  handling interpersonal relationship.

We would like to welcome the participation of potential bright future administrators in this program.

Prof. Abhay Karandikar