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Vector Network Analyzer

The Network Analyzer is a general purpose device, which can measure both linear and non linear behaviour of devices in the RF and Microwave frequency range. It measures the reflection and transmission coefficients of the device under test (DUT) in the specified frequency range by exciting the DUT with the RF source, and measuring the response.


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Measurement with coaxial line connectors

The lab has facility for characterizing any microwave device having coaxial line interface. The appropriate calibration kit is available to calibrate the Network Analyzer in order to facilitate quite accurate measurement of components fitted with the 3.5 mm or similar types of connectors.

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Measurement of dielectric properties of materials over a wide frequency band

The lab has the facility of measuring dielectric properties of materials over a wide frequency band using the dielectric probe kit. The facility is based on the Dielectric Probe Kit, which comes along with the vector network analyzer and associated microwave components. The established facility enables one to determine the intrinsic electromagnetic properties of wide range of materials in the broad frequency range of 200 MHz to 20 GHz.