Departmental Committees 2020-2021

Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

29 August, 2020

The following Departmental Committees have been constituted for the session 2020 – 2021

1. Faculty Meeting Convener SS
2. DPGC SB (Convenor), DM, AnG, NPG
3. DUGC KK (Convenor), SS, ShS, RM
4. Member, Senate Library Committee AU
5. Software labs + Departmental Website/Social Media SKJ+KK
6. MSE Seminars TM
7. Member, Students Placement Committee SSS+KM
8. MSES Advisor (UG & PG) NPG+AS
9. Space DM, KaB, SI
10. Budget AU, SO, RM
11. Department Annual Report & Director's report RM
12. Staff Affairs DG, AG, TM
13. Summer Training & Internship(SURGE) NC
14. Dept. IRDC Representative NPG
15. Dept. DORA Representative AKS
16. Summer & Winter Edu. Tour (Summer), (Winter)
17. MSE Awards committee AKS (Convenor), DG, KaB, SI
18. IPDF committee AU (Convenor), KrB, AS, NC

COVID Committees

19. Coordinator for PG e-platform VV
20. Remote Teaching Committee KSN, AnG
21. Committee for Return of Students SO (Convenor), VV, ShS, AG