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In the last few years, state-of-the-art TEM's have enabled atomic resolution imaging and analysis, which has been achieved through the use of image or probe aberration-corrected TEM's. The performance of these TEM's as an imaging tool has proven to be extremely valuable in identifying various material structures. know more

Speakar: Dr. Hugo Pérez

Title: In-situ Transmission Electron Microscopy: a MEMS-based route to explore untapped research possibilities at the nanoscale
Designation: CTO, DENSSolutions BV
Affiliation: DENSSolutions BV
Areas of Interest: MEMS development for various applications, ranging from Life Sciences to Chemistry and Semiconductors
Awards: During his career, Dr. Pérez has been recognized in multiple international conferences with the best scientific paper/presentation award: 2012 (China), 2014 (The Netherlands), 2016 (Japan) and 2019 (Argentina). Last year, he brought the Microscopy Today Innovation Award from the Microscopy Society of America for the development of an in-situ system for Liquid Phase Electron Microscopy
Publications: Dr. Pérez Garza was included by the magazine "Expansion" as one of the 30 business promises of 2021
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