List of Applicants shortlisted for the Ph. D. Interview

Date of Interview: December 11, 2018 (Tuesday) Reporting Time: 08:30 am

Venue: Conference Hall, ACMS Building
(Entry through Gate # 3 of Academic Area)


S.No. Application Ref. No. Name S.No. Application Ref. No. Name
1 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18202400 Parasuram S 20 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18200129 Vaibhav Gaur
2 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18202455 Poonam 21 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18200653 Md Majid
3 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18202066 Azaad Kumar Bahadur 22 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18200815 Nitin Gupta
4 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18202319 Desh Deepak Gautam 23 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18201152 Namrata Pachauri
5 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18202671 Arun Singh Tyagi 24 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18201136 Neha
6 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18202883 Arun S 25 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18201240 Sandeep Kumar
7 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18203215 Prakrati Azad 26 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18202084 Anshuman Choudhary
8 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18200309 Kshama Singh 27 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18201302 Soumyadipta Ray
9 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18200571 Srin K S 28 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18201491 Aditya Pandey
10 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18201363 Amrendra Kumar 29 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18201767 Saurabh Srivastava
11 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18201833 Owais Ahmad 30 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18201877 Devesh Chandra
12 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18201883 Khalid Hussain Ansari 31 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18202539 Yash Tiwari
13 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18202302 Mukesh Kumar 32 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18202002 Arun Kumar
14 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18202678 Mahammad Tahir 33 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18202045 Mukul Kumar Srivastava
15 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18203185 Yeeshu Kumar 34 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18202820 Nisha Sarda
16 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18203406 Sandeep Kumar Gupta 35 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18203204 Ankit Malik
17 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18202706 Neha Gupta 36 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18203208 Mrityunjay Shukla
18 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18200086 Ravi Nigam 37 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18203350 Anurag
19 IITK\Ph.D\MS\18200091 Anandamoy Mukhopadhyay XX XXX XXX


  1. For all updates please visit our department website.
  2. On the day of interview, please carry all original documents and a photo-id for verification.
  3. No request for change of date of interview would be entertained.