Saumyen Guha

PhD (Princeton University)

Professor, Department of Civil Engineering


Research Interest



  • PhD, Princeton University,1996
  • M.Tech, IIT Kanpur, 1989
  • B.E., Bengal Engineering College, 1987



  • CE 662: Advanced Modeling of Subsurface Flow and Transport

  • CE 602: Advanced Mathematics for Civil Engineers

  • ESO 208: Computational Methods in Engineering

  • CE 262: Engineering Hydraulics

  • CE 361: Engineering Hydrology

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  • Guha S., Srivastava R. (2010). Numerical Methods for Engineering and Science, Oxford University Press, New Delhi. 

  • Guha, S. (2001). Dealing with draught: Issues for implementation, in India Infrastructure Report (IIR), Oxford University Press, New Delhi.


303 F Western Laboratory Extension
IIT Kanpur,
Kanpur 208016

Office Phone: 0512-259-7917 (O)

Email: sguha[AT]

  • Bioremediation, groundwater, pesticide, heavy metals, transport, water resources

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