ONLINE QIP Short Term Course on Quantitative Approaches to Decision Making

8-13 March 2021

Learning Outcomes: After successful completion of this course

(i) QIP category participants can design and teach a similar course in their B.Tech./M.Tech. program. This course may also help them in research/consultancy projects

(ii) Industry/Corporate participants will benefit by updating their analytical toolset for enhanced data analysis and improved decision-making in the managerial and business context.

(iii) Ph.D. students will learn a wide range of cutting-edge analytical tools that can be useful in their ongoing and future research endeavors. A certificate of completion may also help in the job market.


Dr. Faiz Hamid
Department of Industrial and Management Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Dr. Deep Mukherjee
Department of Economic Sciences
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Course Outline Detailed Schedule

Day/Date Forenoon Afternoon
09:30 AM to 11:00 AM 11:30 AM to 01:00 PM 02:30 PM to 04:00 PM 04:30 PM to 06:00 PM
Day 1 (08 March)
Discrete Choice Models
Prof. J.V. Meenakshi,
Delhi School of Economics
Time Series and Forecasting -I
Prof. Nityananda Sarkar,
ISI Kolkata
Time Series and Forecasting -II
Prof. Samarjit Das,
ISI Kolkata
Impact Evaluation
Prof. Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay,
ISI Delhi
Day 2 (09 March)
Linear Programming & Simplex Method
Prof. Joydeep Dutta,
IIT Kanpur
Integer Programming & Branch-and-Bound Method
Prof. Faiz Hamid,
IIT Kanpur
Large Scale Optimization
Prof. Gajendra K Adil,
IIT Bombay
Container Loading Optimization in Indian Railways
Prof. Amit Upadhyay,
IIT Kharagpur
Day 3 (10 March)
Network Flow Problem and Applications
Prof. Diptesh Ghosh,
IIM Ahmedabad
Vehicle Routing Problems
Prof. Yogesh K Agarwal,
IIM Lucknow
Supply chain inventory management with trade credit under uncertain demand
Prof. Arshinder Kaur,
IIT Madras
Stochastic Frontier Analysis
Prof. Deep Mukherjee,
IIT Kanpur
Day 4 (11 March)
Non-linear Optimization and Applications
Prof. Vipin B,
IIT Kanpur
Multi-Criteria Decision Making: An Approach to Prioritize Infrastructural Gaps
Prof. Surya P Singh,
IIT Delhi
Cancelled Bayesian Data Analysis
Prof. Mohammad Arshad Rahman,
IIT Kanpur
Day 5 (12 March)
Introduction to Machine Learning
Prof. Faiz Hamid,
IIT Kanpur
Machine Learning & Econometrics
Prof. Nandana Sengupta,
IIT Delhi
01:30 PM to 02:30 PM
Monte Carlo Method
Prof. Sandeep Juneja,

03:00 PM to 04:15 PM
Fog Prediction using Data Science
Prof. Arnab Bhattacharya,
IIT Kanpur
Product Recommendation in Online Business
Prof. Bhabha K Mohanty,
IIM Lucknow
Day 6 (13 March)
Input Output Models
Prof. Sanjib Pohit,
Data Envelopment Analysis
Prof. Anand Venkatesh,
Risk Analysis
Prof. Preetam Basu,
IIM Calcutta
Social Cost Benefit Analysis
Prof. Saudamini Das,

Registration Procedure

Attendance (min 75%) is mandatory to receive course certificate

1. Faculty from AICTE Institutes coming under QIP program
(maximum 30)
No Registration fees
2. Faculty from private/autonomous Institutions:
Non IITK Faculty
Rs. 10,620/- (Including GST)
3. Student of IITK
IITK Student
Rs. 4,000/- (No GST Required)
4. Student from other Educational Institutions:
Non IITK Student
Rs. 5,900/- (Including GST)
5. Participant from Industry and R&D labs:
Industry Participant
Rs. 11,800/- (Including GST)

Group booking for Industry Participant (≧ 10) Rs. 10,620/- (each, including GST)

Only faculties from AICTE approved institues will be allowed
Only 30 faculy members are allowed under QIP category
No Registration fee is required

QIP seats are full if you are interested please register in self sponsored category

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Course Code 2020-21/021
Course Title Quantitative Approaches to Decision Making
Course Duration 08/03/2021 to 13/03/3021
Participants Category
Course Fees + 18% GST
IITK Students need to pay only course FEE
IITK Student (Rs. 5,000/-)
Non IITK Student (Rs. 5,900/-)
Non IITK Faculty (Rs. 10,620/-)
Industry Participant (Rs. 11,800/-)

Group booking for Industry Participant (≧ 10) Rs. 10,620/- (each, including GST)

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