Single Bed Room Apartment
A Place of Married Students' Accommodation

Welcome to SBRA homes that offers residents a distinctive lifestyle.


Prof. Anjan Kumar Gupta

Office : Southern Lab 217-F , IIT Kanpur
Email :
Phone : 7549 (O), 09453481021 (M)


Kr. Ajeet Singh Shekhawat
Convener SBRA

Contact : AA-22, New SBRA, IIT Kanpur
Email :
Phone :5581 (R), 9325405541 (M)



1. If you are Non Resident and you have SBRA Electricity Dues. Please contact As the electricity charges are not under SBRA. 2. SBRA Residents can contact SBRA office for No dues clearance

  Applying for SBRA Allotment:

Please refer the documents mentioned in SBRA Application form and submit hardcopy in SBRA office.