Primary Faculty


Amitabha Bandyopadhyay (Head)


Skeletal development and differentiation

Anusmita Sahoo 


Protein Engineering, Vaccine design, Immunology, Antibody glycosylation

Appu K. Singh


Ion-channels, calcium signaling, Cryo-electron microscopy, X-ray crystallography, electrophysiology, fluorescence spectroscopy

Arjun Ramakrishnan


Systems neuroscience, decision making, mental health, electrophysiology, EEG, cognition

Arun Kumar Shukla


Structural biology; cellular signaling; combinatorial biology

Ashok Kumar


Downstream processing; affinity interactions and cell separations; nanotechnology; biomaterials; tissue engineering

Ashwani Kumar Thakur


Protein aggregation in diseases and therapeutic design; self assembly of proteins; biopharmaceuticals; neurodegenerative disorders

Bushra Ateeq


Molecular oncology and cancer therapeutics

Debanjan Dasgupta


Neurophysiology, Circuits and Systems Neuroscience, Behavioural assay, Electrophysiology

Dhirendra S. Katti 


Tissue engineering; controlled drug delivery system; biomaterials

Dibyendu K. Das 


Single molecule imaging; optical tweezers; virology and immunology

Ganesh, S


Neurobiology of disorders, stress biology, and human genetics

Hamim Zafar (jointly with CSE)


Computational biology; probabilistic modeling; single-cell biology; evolution and cancer

Jayandharan G. Rao


Gene therapy: Neuro-ophthalmic disorders; Blood disorders; Cancer gene therapy; Human molecular genetics

Jonaki Sen


Vertebrate neuronal development

Nitin Gupta


Neuroscience, insect olfaction and behavior, digital interventions for human mental health

Nitin Mohan 


Optical engineering; super-resolution microscopy; applications in neurodegenerative disorders, lysosomal storage disease & cancer

Rakesh Kumar Majhi


Ion channels, Immune cell engineering, Tissue restoration

Robert Sonowal 


Microbiota, aging, metabolites, antimicrobial resistance

Sai Chaitanya Chiliveri 


Host-pathogen interactions, NMR spectroscopy

Sai Prasad Pydi 


Diabetes, Obesity, Immunometabolism, GPCRs, Cell Signaling

Sankararamakrishnan, R.


Modeling and simulation of biomolecules; bioinformatics

Santosh K. Misra


Biosensors, personalized medicine, bubble therapy, 3D-printed biomedical devices, carbon composites, drug delivery systems, nanocomposites.

Saravanan Matheshwaran


Chromatin dynamics and DNA repair; microbiology

Shanu Jain


Liver Metabolic Disorders, G Protein-Coupled Receptors, Cellular Signaling, Genetic Mutations, Small Molecule Drug Discovery

Suresh Kumar


Autophagy, colorectal and breast cancer


Emeritus Fellow


Pradip Sinha


Drosophila cancer genetics and therapeutics


Distinguished Visiting Faculty


Shankar Subramaniam (Primary Affiliation: University of California San Diego)


Systems Biology and Systems Medicine


Former Faculty


Anupam Pal 


Years of service at BSBE: 2006-2012.

Subramaniam, K.


Years of service at BSBE: 2002-2015. Now at IITM.

Balaji Prakash


Years of service at BSBE: 2002-2016. Now at CFTRI, Mysore.