Department of Design

Areas of Research

Communication Design

A wide spectrum of projects in Communication Design encourage students to explore the skills involved in this domain for creative expressions. Students are exposed to the fields of:

  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • Visual Communication
  • Typography
  • Print Media
  • Interface Design (UI)
  • Film Making
  • New Media, and
  • Gaming

The electives offered in the stream help students realize the complexities of visual language, aesthetics, and usability. A strong component of Social Sciences and Management studies embedded in the form of elective courses further strengthen the communication design curriculum. Students extensively use the Media Technology Centre, which houses state of the art infrastructure to facilitate media research and aims to provide a meaningful platform for the students of the Design Programme to foster their creative potentials and merge it with their gradual process of acquiring and exchanging knowledge with technology based education at the institute.

Engineering Design

Engineering design projects are guided by faculty having time-to-time interactions with various product and service industries in India and abroad. The approach of concept-to-realization of functional prototype enables the learning of systematic and coherent way of engineering product development. This comprises of:

  • Product conceptualization
  • Engineering design
  • Design scheme leading to development
  • Impact on social environment
  • Sustainability
  • Business-strategy
  • Low life-cycle costs achieved through concurrent engineering

IIT Kanpur provides excellent manufacturing facilities covering:

  • CNC turning and milling centers
  • Rapid Prototyping, and
  • Suitable test-benches for the product developed.

This course is unique of its kind in design curriculum since equal emphasis is given to user experience, solution formulation, product design and development.