Class 1996

IITK Alumni Association held a series of virtual reunions and our alumni were delighted and attended in large numbers.

Silver Jubilee Reunion of the Class of 1996 was held on Feb. 06, 2021. The interactive session between the Director IITK, Prof. Abhay Karandikar, and the Dean of Resources & Alumni and IITK Alumni Association Secretary, Prof. Jayant K. Singh proved very fruitful. The virtual reunion gave a platform to all the alumni to reconnect and relive their memories of IITK days. Over 100 alumni participated from across the globe.

The batch coordinators led by Mr. Rahul Mehrotra proposed a pledge of an amount of Rs. 20 crores with an aim to support the upcoming School of Medical Research and Technology, and other initiatives. A very lively and thrilling entertainment session was conducted by the Students’ body, The Outreach Cell with poetry session, stand-up comedy and vintage quiz.

Thank you to the Director, Prof. Abhay Karandikar, the Dean, Prof. Jayant Singh and his entire team for making this virtual reunion a resounding success. Bigger thanks to my fellow alums who turned up for the event and are deeply committed to work towards the enhancement of IITK - Rahul Mehrotra

Virtual reunion was great as I was able to meet my folks after incredibly long 25 years. It was unbelievable. Some of my friends haven’t changed at all. Looking forward to seeing everyone in-person sometime this year - Rakesh Mishra

For me, there’s been nothing quite like my time at IITK. Those years are cherished even though at the time one dreaded everything - morning classes, tutorials etc. It was great reconnecting with my friends. I am eagerly looking forward to meeting everyone in-person soon on IITK campus - Irina Singh

class 1976

Virtual 45th reunion for the Class of 1976 was held on Feb. 14, 2021. The event witnessed the participation of more than 90 alumni from across the world. The Director, IITK, Prof. Abhay Karandikar talked about the new initiatives of the institute. There was a long & engaging discussion with the alumni who offered their full cooperation and support in helping with outreach and raising resources. The entertainment session consisted of poetry reading, musical night and vintage quiz by the students’ body, the Outreach Cell.

The five years we spent together at IIT Kanpur were some of the best of our lives. 50 years from the time we first got together to start an incredible personal and professional journey, the virtual reunion brought us together once again. It was really wonderful to be able to reconnect with so many batchmates. While many years have gone by our bonds remain strong. Almost as if time had frozen to 1976, and we were back in Hall 2, Hall 3 and Hall 1 just enjoying each other’s company-Arijit Bose
Our virtual (Zoom) reunion was well-organized and was a lot of fun! The presentation by IIT director Dr. Karandikar was informative and updated us on new developments at IITK. The cultural program by our batchmates and students was superb. It was nice to see ~65 our classmates. Looking forward to the in-person reunion next year!-Mridul Kumar

class 1986

35th Reunion of the Class of 1986 was held on 20 - 21 March, 2021 virtually. The two-day event witnessed participation of more than 150 alums from across the globe. Alumni showcased their talents in singing, dancing, poetry recitation, stand-up comedy and jugalbandi. IITK Director, Prof. Abhay Karandikar and the Dean of Resources & Alumni, and Secretary of Alumni Association, Prof. Jayant Singh talked about the new initiatives launched by the Institute and the role of alumni as brand ambassadors of IITK. The Class has pledged to support one of the most ambitious projects of IITK, the School of Medical Research and Technology.

Super se bhi upar. This virtual reunion turned out to be just magnificent and well attended. Over 150 attended this grand 35th e-reunion.” Pushkar Misra
The wholehearted efforts of our organizers and participants was just phenomenal. The bonding of our batch has become even stronger- Ajit Das
This reunion has lifted us above the challenging times faced by all of us past year. It is the triumph of the human spirit that celebrates life at all times. - Dhirendra Tripathi
This was an incredible reunion. The distance forced constraints resulted in some amazing innovations and performances. - Manindra Agrawal