Residential Requirements

4 Semesters


Three (3)1. Probability & Statistics2. Operations Research3. Introduction to Computing


Six (6)

Seminar Courses

Every Semester (0 Credit)
Attendance is Compulsory

Thesis Submission

Towards the end of 4th Semester

Thesis Defence

Committee approved by SPGC, Chairman

Summer Training

During Summer Break, after 2ndSemester



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One year long thesis work is aimed at providing means to get deeper knowledge in the field of interest. These theses cover exhaustive areas of industrial engineering and management science such as Finance, Marketing, Optimization, ERP, Operation Management, heuristic development, simulation of business systems and Supply Chain Management.Some few notable theses are :

1. A general genetic algorithm based heuristic for Integer LP problems.
2. Yield management: modelling analysis and implications.
3. A multi-functional and multi-dimensional framework for measuring performance of supply chain.
4. A learning tool for supply chain management of e-commerce with product customization.
5. Modelling and Heuristic Approaches to Retail Space Management in Complex Environments.
6. GA based algorithm for optimal portfolio selection problem.
7. A general genetic algorithm based heuristic for Integer LP problems.
8. ERP implementation and its effect on a few variables of organization structure and manager's job.
9. Heuristic Algorithms in Cellular Manufacturing System.
10. Product diffusion under conditions of scarcity: modelling, analysis, and applications.
11. A market research study of solar photovoltaic products: awareness, attitudes and buyer behaviour.
12. Modelling and Implementation of a Decision Support System for a Theatre Chain in the Netherlands.