Industry Speaker Series-K-aleidoscope

Upcoming Event

Saturday 4th February @ 3:00 PM IST
Event: Webinar
Topic: Increasing brand awareness and how it impacts your funnel metrics
Speaker: Ms. Priyanka Chetal Sharma
Designation: DVP – Brand & Content, IndusInd Bank


Increasing brand awareness is a crucial aspect of any marketing strategy. It helps to establish a company's presence in the minds of its target audience and lays the foundation for attracting new customers. A higher level of brand awareness leads to increased recognition and familiarity, which can positively impact the various stages of the sales funnel. By improving brand awareness, businesses can see a boost in website traffic, lead generation, conversion rates, and, ultimately, revenue. Understanding the relationship between brand awareness and funnel metrics is critical for making informed decisions about marketing investments and measuring success. MBA IIT Kanpur is excited to host Ms. Priyanka Chetal Sharma, DVP - Brand and Content, IndusInd Bank, for the 34th episode of K-aleidoscope to gain more insights on the topic " Increasing Brand Awareness And How It Impacts Your Funnel Metrics.

Ms. Priyanka Chetal Sharma is a seasoned marketing professional with over nine years of experience. She has worked with esteemed companies such as the Mahindra Group, Zomato, and Paytm. Currently leading brand and content for IndusInd Bank’s Digital Wing, she has a passion for staying in tune with the latest global trends and finding innovative ways to engage with customers.