Mathematical Modeling and simulation is the language of modern science. In recent decades boundaries between different fields of study have started disappearing and research is increasingly exploring holistic systems rather than remaining confined to old demarcations of fields. This has been possible due to emergence of fields like Non-linear deterministic and Stochastic modeling and computer simulation and their applications to complex Environmental, Ecological, Biological, Brain, Social and Engineering systems, where concepts such as instability, bifurcation, chaos, time delay, time series, pattern formation, evolution, network chains, synergistic competition, limit cycle, oscillation, sensitivity analysis, etc. play significant role.

In view of this it seems desirable that the scope of the present activities of the society be broadened to include above mentioned and related activities. Thus it has been decided that the ‘SOCIETY’ be rechristened as ‘ACADEMY’ and renamed as “INDIAN ACADEMY FOR MATHEMATICAL MODELING & SIMULATION”.

The Indian Academy for Mathematical Modeling and Simulation (IAMMS) aims to promote the application of Mathematical Modeling and Simulation in all branches of knowledge. To achieve this objective, the Academy organizes conferences, symposia, seminars and training programmes on a regular basis to facilitate dissemination of research conducted in the areas of Mathematical Modeling and Simulation, and to promote intellectual exchange among practitioners of the science and art of Mathematical Modeling and Simulation. At a later stage the Academy can also take lead to start Research Centers, Research Institutes or even Research Universities by using the present day internet/communication tools.

It is a Registered body with Headquarters at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.

Head Quarters:
Department of Mathematics & Statistics
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Kanpur-208 016 INDIA


  • International Conference on Mathematical Modelling and Computations (ICMMC-2018), at South Asian University, New Delhi, India during 01- 03 December, 2018.

  • In the recently held 5th " CHINA-JAPAN-KOREA Colloquium on Mathematical Biology (CJKCMB)"    at Imadegawa Campus, Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan (, its Multinational EC has announced in its general body meeting, the inclusion of INDIA as the new member into the Colloquium with IAMMS as its first Indian representative body. Henceforth the Colloquium will be called as: "China-India-Japan-Korea Colloquium on Mathematical Biology (CIJKCMB). It has also been decided that the 6th CIJKCMB event will be held at IIT Kanpur during Aug, 2017.