How to offer Courses

AICTE Sponsored Courses

  • Invitation of course proposal
  • Short listing of course proposals
  • Approval letter issued
  • Submission of account opening form and course brochure with course schedule by course coordinator in CCE office
  • Advertisement/Registration TA/Boarding & Lodging etc. handled by CCE office
  • After the course, honorarium forms submitted in CCE office

QIP Coordinator

Prof. B. V. Rathish Kumar

Room No. 210, Outreach Building
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Phone: 0512-259-7893

National QIP Coordination Committee

Prof. Swagata Dasgupta
Dean, Continuing Education, QIP & TEQIP Coordinator
IIT Kharagpur
Fax: +91-3222-220508
Phone: +91-3222-282033/283306

Prof. G L Sivakumar Babu
Coordinator, QIP
IISC Bangalore
Fax: +91 80 2360 0404
Phone: +91 80 2293 3124

Prof. Anil Verma
Coordinator QIP/CEP
IIT Delhi

Prof. Siddhartha Ghosh
Professor-in-Charge, CE & QIP
IIT Bombay
Fax: 022-2572 6199
Phone: +91-22-2572 2545 Extn: 7006 (O)/ 2576 7048 (CE & QIP Office)

Prof. Hemant B Kaushik
Principal Coordinator QIP
IIT Guwahati
Fax: 0361 - 2690762
Phone: 0361 - 2583001 / 2583007

Prof. B. V. Rathish Kumar
QIP Coordinator
IIT Kanpur
Phone: 0512 - 2587893

Prof. Devendra Jalihal
Chairman, CCE & QIP Coordinator
IIT Madras
Fax: 044-22574920/ 22574652/ 22574676
Phone: 044-22574900/ 22574901/ 22574676/ 9444008700/ 9444462154

Prof. Sanjeev Manhas
QIP Coordinator
IIT Roorkee
Fax: +91-1332 – 285241, 285247
Phone: +91-1332-285545, 273560

Prof. B. K. Shrivastava
QIP Coordinator
Fax: 0542 – 2369434
Phone: 0361 - 2583001 / 2583007

QIP Staff

Vinay Kumar
Phone: 0512-259-7795

Phone: 0512-259-7795

QIP Students

Jitendra Kumar
Roll No.: Y8102062
Prog./ Dept.: Che/Ph.D

Bhavna Vyas
Roll No.: 13102063
Prog./ Dept.: Che/Ph.D

Tuhar Dilip Deshpande
Roll No.: 14102274
Prog./ Dept.: Che/Ph.D

Rajani Bisht
Roll No.: 16104289
Prog./ Dept.: EE/Ph.D

Sumesh T.A.
Roll No.: 11111065
Prog./ Dept.: CSE/Ph.D

Anindita Jamatia
Roll No.: 13104167
Prog./ Dept.: EE/Ph.D

Ravindra Kumar
Roll No.: 15112265
Prog./ Dept.: MSP/Ph.D

Divya Rana
Roll No.: 17106278
Prog./ Dept.: MSE/Ph.D

Milind Lui Fernandes
Roll No.: 19104270
Prog./ Dept.: Ph.D

Roll No.: 20105263
Prog./ Dept.: Ph.D/ME

Bhanu Prakash Dubey
Roll No.: 21111275
Prog./ Dept.: Ph.D/CSE

Ranadheer Sagi
Roll No.: 21103280
Prog./ Dept.: Ph.D/Civil

AICTE Sponsored QIP Courses 2021-22

List will be updated shortly

AICTE Sponsored QIP Courses 2020-21

List of Approved QIP Courses from April 01, 2020 to March 31, 2021

Sr. Title Coordinators Department Duration (*)
Laser Matter Interaction Prof. J. Ramkumar
Dr. Amandeep Singh
Mechanical Engineering 18-23 January 2021
Mastering Advanced Techniques of Characterization for High-end Research (MATCH-2020) Prof. Gouthama
Dr. Kantesh Balani
Materials Science & Engineering (MSE) 25-31 January 2021
Linguistic Diversity and Access to English Dr. Usha Udaar
Dr. Chaitra Puttaswamy
Department of HSS 8-13 February 2021
Financial Time Series Modelling in R: FinMODE-2021 Dr. Wasim Ahmad Economic Sceinces 15-20 February 2021
Fundamentals and Practical Applications of Complex Fluids Dr. Himanshu Sharma
Dr. Rahul Mangal
Dr. Harshwardhan Katkar
Dr. Dipin Pillai
Chemical Engineering Cancelled
Decision and Control: Optimal Planning, RL & Games
Dr. Mangal Kothari Aerospace Engineering 22-27 February 2021
Operations Research for Transportation Optimization Dr. Faiz Hamid
Dr. Partha Chakroborty
IME & CE 22-27 February 2021
Introduction to HPC in Science & Engineering Prof. B. V. Rathish Kumar Mathematics & Statistics 1-6 March 2021
Advanced Ceramics and Composites for Multifunctional Applications
Dr. Shikhar Jha
Dr. Tanmoy Maiti
Dr. Shobit Omar
Materials Science & Engineering (MSE) 1-6 March 2021
Data Analytics Dr. Faiz Hamid
Dr. Devlina Chatterjee
Industrial & Management Engineering (IME) 1-6 March 2021
Corrosion Failure and Protection of Engineering Materials Dr. Sudhanshu S. Singh
Dr. Kallol Mondal
Materials Science & Engineering (MSE) 1-6 March 2021
Diagnostics of High Voltage Insulation
Dr. Nandini Gupta
Dr. A R Verma
Electrical Engineering (EE) 1-6 March 2021
Radiation Health Safety and Security Dr. Prabhat Munshi
Dr. Pankaj Wahi
Dr. Niraj Sinha
Mechanical Engineering 2-7 March 2021
Multiscale Modeling and Simulation Techniques for 3D Printing Dr. Arvind Kumar Mechanical Engineering 8-13 March 2021
Quantitative Approaches to Decision Making using Spreadsheet Dr. Deep Mukherjee
Dr. Faiz Hamid
ECO & IME 08-13 March 2021
Principles of Pricing Dr. Bikramaditya Datta
Dr. Vimal Kumar
Economic Sciences 8-13 March 2021
Theoretical and Practical Perspective on Material Manufacturing Technology Prof. Anish Upadhyaya
Dr. Asit P Bajpai
MSE 8-13 March 2021
Muffler Acoustics for Automotive Engine Noise Control Dr. Akhilesh Mimani Mechanical Engineering 14-19 March 2021
Transport in Nanoelectronics Dr. Rik Dey EE 15-20 March 2021
Mechanical Behaviour of Materials Dr. Nilesh P Gurao
Dr. Shashank Shekhar
Dr. Sudhanshu S. Singh
Materials Science & Engineering (MSE) 15-20 March 2021
Frontier areas on Econometrics & Trade with Special Emphasis on Machine Learning & Firm level Trade Prof. Somesh K. Mathur Department of Economic Sciences 15-21 March 2021
Simulation Based Design of 5G Wireless Standards Prof. Rohit Budhiraja Electrical Engineering Dropped
Mechanics of Fibre Composites Dr. PM Mohite Aerospace Engineering Dropped
Seismic Soil-Structure Interaction: Theory and Practice Dr. Prishati Raychowdhury Civil Engineering Dropped
Plasticity in Geomechanics Dr. Priyanka Ghosh Civil Engineering Dropped
Operations Research Prof. Avijit Khanra
R Prof. Sri Vanamalla V
Industrial & Management Engineering (IME) Dropped
Wireless Technologies: Theory and Simulation of MIMO and 5G NR MmWave Networks Dr. Abhishek Gupta
Dr. Adrish Banerjee
Electrical Engineering Dropped
Workshop on Simulation Techniques using R Prof. M. Arshad Rahman
Prof. Shalabh
Economic Sciences & Mathematics Dropped
* The duration/schedule is subject to change due to COVID-19 issue.

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