About the facility

         The Femtosecond laser for CELP was funded by IIT Kanpur. This CPA-series laser from M/s Clark-MXR Inc. is a compact, integrated Ti:Sapphire amplified laser system and is comprised of the following physical units:

  • Laser Head
  • Power Supply
  • Pockels Cell Driver
  • Temperature Stabilization Unit

The CPA-Series laser head contains the following subcomponents in a bi-level optical layout design:

  • SErF fiber oscillator
  • Pulse stretcher
  • Regenerative amplifier
  • Frequency-doubled Nd:YAG pump laser
  • Pulse compressor

Micromachining is possible with the Beam Delivery Unit (BDU) from Optec, Belgium. This was funded by IIT Kanpur under CARE scheme in 2012. This is intended for use with 1550/775nm IR laser and includes part motion, vision systems, and operating software. The opto-mechanical assembly is mounted on an optical table, and when combined with the femtosecond laser source will form a complete ultrafast-laser based micromachining system.


Read Precautions carefully before using the laser

Check Laser Specifications

Download: Job Indent Form

The job indent forms should be sent to amarghar@iitk.ac.in with the subject line as "CELP laser job order".