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Class of 1974 Batch Legacy Fund

A Legacy Project is a project adopted by the batch celebrating its Golden Jubilee Reunion, for the betterment of the Institute and of the people associated with it. It is a way of honouring your alma mater and to create a lasting legacy in remembrance of your years at IIT Kanpur
Join your batchmates in supporting your batch Legacy project!

How will this work?

  • The funds donated by the batch will be parked in the Batch legacy project for the Class of 1974
  • The legacy project for the Class of 1974 will be decide in due course
  • These projects and endowments will be based on the consensus of the batch
  • Periodic updates will be provided on the status of the funds utilised
Tax Benefits

  • For India Contributions are 100% Tax deductible u/s 80G of income Tax Act, 1961.
  • For US Contribution are 100% Tax deductible u/s 501(c)(3) of US internal revenue code. You can also donate through your company's Matching Grant Program. Please look for Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur Foundation Inc. in your organisation's list of approved organisations.



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