This centre is aimed to pursue projects to master critical and futuristic technologies related to design, development and selection of strategic materials for the Indian Defence.


Make India prosperous by establishing world class science and technology base and provide our Defence Services decisive edge by equipping them with internationally competitive systems and solutions.

Centre Director: Sanjay Tandon, Scientist H (Retd), DRDO

Research Verticals

Printing on Flexible Substrates
Advanced Nanomaterials
Accelerated Material Design & Development
High Energy Materials
Bio Engineering

Printing on Flexible substrates

Stealth and Camouflage

Flexible Antenna

  • Enhanced gain of antenna of Terrestrial Radio
  • Upper layer of soldier helmet act as antenna

Energy Harvesting

Multi Element Sensors

Ultra-thin Flexible Glass, Conductive Transparent Coating and Encapsulation Layer

Research Coordinator: Prof SSK Iyer, Dept of Electrical Engineering

Advanced Nanomaterial

Advanced characterization along with modelling and simulation of nano material with respect to stealth, sensors etc.

Multi-spectral stealth and cloaking solutions based on Metamaterials

Self-cleaning, super hydrophobic, anti fouling, corrosion & erosion resistant coatings

Membranes and low-cost catalysts for Fuel Cells

Large scale manufacturing of nanomaterials

Research Coordinator: Prof Kantesh Balani, Dept of Material Science & Engineering

Accelerated Material Design and Development

High Strength Steel for Naval Application

SiC Precursors & Fibres and SiC-SiC Composites

New Materials for Bio-implants

Research Coordinator: Prof Amarendra K Singh, Dept of Material Science & Engineering

High Energy Materials

Modeling of High-Performance Explosives - Performance prediction of metallized explosives

Insensitive Munitions - Models for prediction of warhead behaviour towards thermal & mechanical stimuli

Shock attenuating liner for warheads - Models for selection and performance optimization of liner

Instrumentation for characterization of explosives

Reactive materials for warheads

  • Materials development & characterisation
  • Theoretical performance predictions

Simulation for assessing health of HE fillings in warheads

Multi-scale Modeling on Energetic Materials

Neutralization of hypersonic vehicles

Research Coordinator: Prof Jayant K. Singh, Dept of Chemical Engineering

Bio Engineering

  • Development of material: Female full body protector 4.5 kg down to 3.5 kg
  • Compact compressor for portable oxygen concentrator for high altitude
  • Sole for snow boot
  • Solution for deep wound
  • Targeted drug delivery
  • Stem cell: Organ regeneration (musculoskeletal)
  • Cognitive science for intention detection
  • Detection for bio agents
  • Standoff sensor for chemical agent (500 m) – IR/hyperspectral based
  • Wearable sensor for toxic chemical detection
  • Electro-actuated artificial muscle
  • Artificial oxygen transport agents (blood substitutes)
  • AI based actuated above-knee prosthesis
  • Multichannel biosensor instrumentation (detection of microorganisms)
  • Agro-electronics & Instrumentation (Water quality, soil testing, etc.)
  • Hyperspectral imaging (growth/disease assessment of plant)
  • Energy generation and storage
  • Animal repellent & microwave plasma (explore)
Research Coordinator: Prof Vivek Verma, Dept of Material Science & Engineering