Thermo-Regulating Tiles

Thermal insulation to the buildings for reducing the indoor ambient temperature in summer and keeping the indoor space warm during winter is the most desired product, which can reduce the electricity load required for air conditioning. The products available in the market related to this domain are thermal insulation paints for walls and roofs, plaster, bricks, etc. Presently, thermal insulation is generally achieved by adding hollow glass microspheres to the matrix such as paint or putty. In order to achieve the optimum temperature inside the building, DST-IIT Kanpur center will use a high enthalpy and low-cost solid-state (SS) shape stabilised phase change material along with the existing aerogel technology for producing an effective thermo-regulating tiles. SS shape stabilised phase change materials for thermal energy storage have received increasing interest because of their high energy-storage density and inherent advantages over solid-liquid counterparts (e.g., leakage free, no need for encapsulation, less phase segregation and smaller volume variation). The novelty of this investigation is the development of thermos-regulating tiles with a PCM (SS/Shape stabilised) and Aerogel powder that will be fabricated with the help of 3-D printing technology at DST-IIT Kanpur center.