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Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

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Single Cylinder Engine Test Cell

Multi Cylinder Engine Test Cell

Vehicle Testing Facility

Simulation Testing Facility

Emission Measurement Equipments

Optical Diagnostics Instruments

Oil and Fuel Characterization

DAQ & General Purpose Equipments

 Data Acquisition System (DAQ)

 Synergy 8 Channel Data Acquisition System (Hi-Technique, USA)

8 Channel Combustion Data Acquisition System (Indimeter, AVL 621, Austria)

High Speed Combustion Analysis System (Indismart, AVL, Austria)

8 Channel High Speed Data Acquisition System for Vehicle Application (Kibox, Kistler)

4 Channel Combustion Data Analysis System for Vehicle Application (Indi-micro, Austria)

4 Channel Combustion Data Analysis System (Indi-micro, Austria)

8 Channel High Speed Combustion Data Acquisition System (Synergy, Hi-Technique, USA)

16 Channel High Speed Combustion Data Acquisition System (ERL, IIT Kanpur)

General Purpose Equipments

Educational Models for Different Types of Engines

Surface Roughness Profilometer (SJ-301 Mitutoyo, Japan)

ERL Volumetric Fuel Consumption Meter

ERL Gravimetric Fuel Consumption Meter

Kistler Pressure Transducer with Charge Amplifires

Laminar Flow Equipment (Make: Cussons, UK)

Infrared Thermometer

Optical and Panel Tachometers

Angle and Rotary Encoders

Electronic Filter Paper Micro Balance (Sartorius, Germany)

Dead Weight Testers

Small Scale Biodiesel Production Unit (5 Liter/Batch)

High Capacity Compressor Unit

ERL Partial Flow Dilution Tunnel


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