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Signal Processing on Sphere


Harmonic analysis on the line: Fourier series and transforms (discrete and continuous), orthogonality (discrete and continuous), sampling theorem (uniform sampling), aliasing, convolution, window functions, autocovariance/autocorrelation functions, power spectral densities, computational aspects, periodogram estimation, FFT, least squares spectral analysis.

Global harmonic analysis on the sphere: Orthogonal base functions on the sphere, associated Legendre functions, spherical harmonics, convolution, sampling theorems (uniform), aliasing, filtering, autocovariance/autocorrelation functions, power spectral density, computational aspects.

Localized analysis on the sphere: Space localizing basis functions (radial basis functions, spherical splines, Band-limited spline functions), computational aspects.

Slepian functions: Uncertainty principle of signal processing, uncertainty principle on the sphere, Slepian functions, Shannon number, periodogram estimation,computational aspects.

Empirical orthogonal functions: Spatio-temporal datasets, eigenvalue decomposition, significance testing of modes, signal reconstruction, data compression, computational aspects.



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