December 04-08, 2016


Kanpur, INDIA


Tutorials are designed to increase the knowledge in the thrust areas of specific research subject with a very novel and fundamental approach offered by the pioneers, who are incredibly visionary and have led the research to the path-breaking level. These pioneers from academia will share their experience / knowledge during the close-room direct interactive session.

Registration for the conference does not include the attendance in the Short Courses. One needs to register separately for the Short Courses / Tutorials.

Tutorial Lectures (04-Dec-2016 Timing: 09am - 4:30pm || 05-Dec-2016 Timing: 09am - 01:30pm)
  • Quantitative phase microscopy
    Dr. Renu John,
    Dept. of Biomedical Engineering IIT Hyderabad, India

  • Introduction to metamaterials
    Prof. S. A. Ramakrishna,
    Dept. of Physics, IIT Kanpur, India

  • Basics of various optical spectroscopy based techniques and their variants
    Dr. Shovan K. Majumder,
    Dept. of Biophotonics RRCAT, Indore, India

  • Controlling coupled metamaterial structures: meta-molecules
    Prof. H. Wanare,
    Dept. of Physics, IIT Kanpur, India

  • Optical tomographic reconstructions for tissue imaging
    Dr. Naren Naik,
    Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Kanpur

  • Introduction to basic concepts of polarization optics and optical polarimetry and its applications in the domain of biophotonics
    Dr.Nirmalya Ghosh,
    Dept. of Physical Science, BioNap group, IISER Kolkata, India

  • Terahertz metamaterials, Broadband response and band engineering with metamaterials
    Prof. A. V. Gopal,
    Dept. of Condensed Matter Physics and Material Science, TIFR, Mumbai, India

  • Optimization of multi-modal 3-D super-resolution imaging using mode-specific nonlinear optical transduction of photonic nanostructures
    Dr. Kenneth Knappenberger,
    Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry,Florida State University, USA

  • Strong Coupling, Back Reaction and Correlated Emission
    Dr. Girish S. Agarwal,
    Dept. of Physics, Oklahoma State University, USA

  • Optical Fiber Communication / Signal Processing II
    Dr. Kasyapa Balemarthy,
    OFS Optics

  • Two dimensional IR spectroscopy
    Dr. Sayan Bagchi,
    Dept. of Physical and Material Chemistry Division, NCL Pune, India

Updated Tutorial/Short course schedule

Tutorial Schedule

Short Course Fee

Category Till 30th October 2016 After 30th October 2016
Regular Academic USD 40 / Rs 1500 USD 45 / Rs 1800
Students USD 35 / Rs 1000 USD 40 / Rs 1200
Post doctoral Fellows USD 35 / Rs 1000 USD 40 / Rs 1200
Business USD 50 / Rs 2000 USD 55 / Rs 2200

Registration fee for students already registered in the conference is waved, however, lodging and dining charges has to be paid by the student for these two days (approx Rs. 400 per person per day).

  1. The number of seats in each course is limited to 40.
  2. Advance registration is advisable. On-site registration is not guaranteed.
  3. Above mentioned fees is for a single course.
  4. The course fee includes the course material, a copy of the Short Course Notes as well as tea/coffeeon the day of short course.
  5. Each additional course will cost an additional 50% of the Short Course fee.

Registration for Short Course

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December 4 - 8, 2016

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