December 04-08, 2016


Kanpur, INDIA


The International Conference on Fiber Optics and Photonics - PHOTONICS, is a premier conference in the emerging areas of Photonic science and technologies. The first Photonics conference (then named as CEOT-92 and later re-christened as Photonics) was held at Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore in 1992. Since then the conference is being organized biennially in different parts of the country. Photonics 94, 96, 98, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2012 were organized by IISc Bangalore, TIFR Mumbai, IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay, CUSAT Cochin, Univ. of Hyderabad, IIT Madras, IIT Guwahati, and IIT Kharagpur (jointly with Univ. of Calcutta and CGCRI), and it has evolved to the leading forum and presently acknowledged as one of the most important conference in this area.

PHOTONICS-2016 is the thirteenth biennial international conference that will be held at IIT Kanpur from Dec. 04 – 08, 2016. The conclusion of the International Year of Light-2015 (IYL 2015) has significantly impacted scientific, industrial and academic communities in terms of awareness about how light based technologies influence our daily lives including enabling instant access to the Internet. PHOTONICS-2016 would continue to focus on this theme and extend its reach through deeper penetration amongst students and young researchers. The program will include pre conference short courses to be delivered by well-known experts on emerging topics in Optics and Photonics. This will provide an opportunity to discover recent technical advances, promote information exchange and ideas towards innovations through interaction with research and technology pioneers from across the globe.

Students are encouraged to submit papers with newest research results for possible acceptance after peer review and compete for several student awards on offer.

Conference Program

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Major topics in the Conference /

  • Bio-photonics
  • Integrated Optics
  • Optical Fiber Communication
  • Optical Fiber Devices & Sensors
  • Quantum Optics
  • Attosecond Phenomena
  • Green Photonics
  • Photonic Crystals
  • Active, Adaptive and Diffractive Optics
  • Lasers and Nonlinear Optics
  • Specialty Fibers and Graphene Photonics
  • Photonics Modeling
  • Tera-Hertz Science & Technology
  • Plasmonics, Nanophotonics & Metamaterials
  • Super-resolution Microscopy
  • Single Molecule Spectroscopy


  • Amalendu Chandra
  • Animangshu Ghatak
  • A.K. Agarwal
  • Anand Kumar Jha
  • Asima Pradhan
  • Arun K. Saha
  • A.R. Harish
  • Bishakh Bhattacharya
  • Bharat Lohani
  • B.V. Phani
  • G. Rajshekhar
  • H. Wanare
  • K. Muralidhar
  • K. Srihari
  • J. Ramkumar
  • M. Chandra
  • Naren Naik
  • Neeraj Misra
  • Nisant Nair
  • P.K. Panigrahi
  • Pratik Sen
  • R. Vijaya
  • S.A. Ramakrishna
  • Saikat Ghosh
  • Shilpi Gupta
  • Siddhartha Panda
  • Saurabh M. Tripathi
  • S. Sivakumar
  • Sandeep Verma
  • T. Gopakumar
  • Tanmoy Maiti
  • Y.N. Singh

Technical Committee (Being updated..) /

Anindya Datta

IIT Bombay

Alex Gaeta

Columbia,New York

A. Gomes

UFPE, Recife,PE,Brazil

A. Jhujhunwala

IIT Madras

Atul Srivastava

NTT Electronics, USA

Balaji Srinivasan

IIT Madras

B.P. Singh

IIT Bombay

D. Mathur


D.N. Rao

University of Hyderabad

G.R. Kumar


K. Bhattacharya

IACS Kolkata

K. Khare

IIT Delhi

M. Krishnamurthy


M. Motzcus

Heidelberg University,Germany

P.A. Naik


P.K. Das


Prasanta K. Datta

IIT Kharagpur

P.K. Gupta


P. Pal

RBCCPS, IISc Bangalore

P. Radhakrishnan


R. Kashyap


R.K. Sinha

CSIO Chandigarh

S. Ramachandran

Boston University

S.K. Bhadra

CGCRI Kolkata

S. Khijwania

IIT Guwahati

Suresh Nair

NeST Group

S.K. Majumder

RRCAT Indore

S.K. Ray

IIT Kharagpur

S.K. Varshney

IIT Kharagpur

S. Umapathy

IISc Bangalore

T. Srinivas

IISc Bangalore

Trevor Smith

University of Melbourne


Alan E. Willner

University of Southern California, USA

Ajoy Ghatak

IIT Delhi(Retd.)

Anurag Sharma

IIT Delhi

Benjamin Eggleton

University of Sydney

Bishnu P. Pal

Mahindra École Centrale

Claude Fabre

Marie Curie University

Dwayne Miller

Max Planck Institute, Hamburg

David Payne

University of Southampton, UK

Eric Van Stryland

CREOL, University of Central Florida

Girish S. Agrawal

Oklahoma State University

Robert Boyd

University of Rochester

Ramanand Tewari

CEO & VP Technology, CodeSScientific, Canada

Shaul Muckamel

University of California

Warren S. Warren

Duke University

Important Deadlines/

Early Registration      :    June 10 - Aug. 21 (2016)
Normal Registration :    Aug. 22 - Nov. 15 (2016)
Spot Registration: only available on prior request.

Paper Submission     :     June 10 - Aug. 23 (2016)
Post-deadline Submission :     Aug. 24 - Nov. 15 (2016)


Participants from Abroad (Non OSA / OSI Members)

Category Till 21st Aug. 2016 Till 15th November 2016 On Spot
Regular Academic USD 600 USD 700 USD 800
Students USD 250 USD 350 USD 450
Post doctoral Fellows USD 300 USD 400 USD 500
Business USD 1000 USD 1100 USD 1200

Participants from India (Non OSA / OSI Members)

Category Till 21st August 2016 Till 15th November 2016 On Spot
Regular Academic Rs. 9000 Rs. 10000 Rs. 12000
Students Rs. 5000 Rs. 6000 Rs. 7500
Post doctoral Fellows Rs. 6000 Rs. 7000 Rs. 8500
Business Rs. 14000 Rs. 15000 Rs. 18000

Participants from Abroad (OSA / OSI Members)

Category Till 21st August 2016 Till 15th November 2016 On Spot
Regular Academic USD 510 USD 595 USD 680
Students USD 215 USD 300 USD 400
Post doctoral Fellows USD 255 USD 340 USD 425
Business USD 850 USD 935 USD 1020

Participants from India ( OSA / OSI Members)

Category Till 21st August 2016 Till 15th November 2016 On Spot
Regular Academic Rs. 7650 Rs. 8500 Rs. 10200
Students Rs. 4250 Rs. 5100 Rs. 6375
Post doctoral Fellows Rs. 5100 Rs. 5950 Rs. 7225
Business Rs. 11900 Rs. 12750 Rs. 15300

Note :

  • Registration does not include accommodation.
  • Conference papers may only be presented by registered participants.
  • Papers with incomplete registrations will not be a part of the conference.
  • All papers that are a part of the conference will be citable.
  • They will be published and archieved in the OSA Technical Digest.
  • Select subset of papers may further be chosen for publication in referred Journals.
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  • Regular paper submission deadline is Aug. 23, 2016.
  • For paper submission, there is a limit of 35 words (250 characters, including spaces) for the Abstract field.
  • Paper summary including abstract (template: pdf or doc) with a maximum length of 3 pages must be submitted in PDF format.

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    Event Location

    IIT Kanpur, INDIA

    December 4 - 8, 2016

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