December 04-08, 2016


Kanpur, INDIA

Reaching IIT Kanpur

How To Reach IIT Kanpur

The Campus of IIT Kanpur is located off the Grand Trunk Road near Kalyanpur, about 16 km west of Kanpur city.The campus is located on 1055 acres of land offered by the Government of UP. It is a residential campus offering accomodation to about 350 faculty members, about 700 support staff members, and about 4000 students.

From Lucknow (Amausi) Airport

Participants coming to Kanpur by air are recommended to fly into Lucknow Airport. Lucknow airport is located about 80 kms from IIT Kanpur. Participants can pre-book the taxi from the taxi services given below. Typical cost will be Rs. 1750.

From Kanpur Central Railway Station

Kanpur Central Railway station is well connected to most cities in North, East and Central India. It is located on the Delhi-Kolkata train route and all major trains between these cities usually pass through Kanpur. IIT Kanpur is located at a distance of about 16 kilometers from the Kanpur Central Railway Station. Participants can pre-book the taxi from the taxi service given below. Typical cost will be Rs. 380 (350 Fare + 30 Parking ). It is possible to hire taxis (about Rs. 250) and autorickshaws (about Rs.130) to IITK from the station. It is about 40 minutes drive from Kanpur Central railway station to IIT Kanpur.

IITK Taxi Services

  • Surendra Yadav Taxi Services
    Phone1: 0512-259-5094
    Phone2: 0512-259-1088
    Mobile: 09936051842

  • More names will be provided soon.

  • Incredible India

    • Taj Mahal

    • Taj Mahal
    • Taj Mahal

    • Taj Mahal

    Reaching India

    The vast subcontinent of India is an amalgamation of the traditionalism and the modernism. Add to this the variety of Indian culture and arts, its historic monuments, its mountains and seas, wildlife and above all, the friendly disposition of the people, this makes India a fascinating destination for this Conference. The colorful experience will be unforgettable.

    A vast country with a beautiful landscape, India is considered among the most visited tourist destinations of the world. From historic monuments to modern attractions, amazing wildlife to lofty mountain peaks, beautiful waterfalls to serene beaches, gushing rivers to picturesque lakes, colorful fairs to religious festivals, India offers almost everything to please the visitors.

    India is easily accessible from any part of the globe. Air travel to India is considered the best way to reach this charming country. The major international airports are located at Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata. However, the foreign delegates coming to attend the conference are advised to board a flight to Lucknow.

    Many international airlines offer flight services for air travel to India. All international airports in India are well served by over 50 international airlines like United Airlines, Austrian Airlines, British Airways, Emirates, KLM Airlines, Aeroflot, Air Canada, Singapore Airlines, Air France, British Airways, Delta Airlines, Ethopian Airlines, Emirates, Gulf Air, Kuwait Airways, Lufthansa, etc. including Air India, which is the national carrier of India and flies on all the international routes.

    You can book air tickets to India after checking the flight schedule and ticket availability. Tickets to India can be booked online or through authorized travel agents.

    Visa Requirements

    Conference Visa

    Conference Visa is issued for attending conferences/seminars/meetings in India. A letter of invitation from the organizer of the conference is to be submitted along with the visa application. Delegates coming to attend conferences may combine tourism with attending conferences. In this case, there are few things you need to take care of, before travelling to India.

    Tourist Visa

    There are three kinds of visas for tourists.

    • The 15-day single / double-entry transit visa. This visa is valid for 20 days from the date of Issue.
    • The 3 month multiple-entry visa. This visa is valid for 90 days from the date of first entry into India, which must be within 30 days from the date of its validation date.
    • The 6-month multiple-entry visa.

    Visa Extension

    It is virtually impossible to get the 15 day or 3 month visa extended. Only the 6 month visa can be extended. The normal extension period is of 15 days. Further extension should be avoided unless it is an emergency.

    A 15 day extension on the 6 month visa is issued by the Foreigner's Regional Registration Office (FRRO) at any of four metro cities : Delhi, Kolkatta, Mumbai and Chennai. The FRRO office is open on weekdays, 09:30 hrs to 13:30 hrs and 14:00 hrs to 16:00 hrs. A 15-day extension is given only if confirmed air tickets are not available for which no fee is charged.

    • New Delhi : FRRO, Hans Bhawan, Ist Floor,
      Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg,
      Ph: +91-11-23319781
    • Kolkatta : FRRO,
      237, AJC Bose Road,
      Ph: +91-33-22473300
    • Mumbai : FRRO, Dr.D.N.Road,
      Near Police Commissioner's office,
      Ph: +91-22-22620446
    • Chennai : FRRO, Shastri Bhawan,
      Haddows Road, Nungambakkam,
      Ph: +91-44-28275424

    Travel Insurance

    Take a travel insurance policy, covering theft and loss, before coming of India. Also buy a medical insurance. There are several kinds of insurance policies. Make the right choice after consulting a reliable travel agent in your country.

    Tax Clearance Certificate

    If you stay in India for more that 120 days (4 months) from the date of issue of visa, regardless of your date of entry into India, you would be required to furnish a tax clearance certificate to leave the country. This is to prove that you did not earn money while in India and that your trip was financed with the money brought in. If you are planning to stay in India for more than four months, be careful with your documents related to travel.

    If you are not an Indian passport holder and you are planning to stay in India for more than four months, apply for the certificate at

    • The Income Tax Department,
      Central Revenue Building (ITO),
      Vikas Marg, New Delhi
      Ph: +91-11-2331616, +91-11-23317828


    There are two channels for customs clearance at International terminals in Indian airports: Green Channel and Red Channel

    • Green Channel : This is for unhindered exit from the airport, you can walk through the green channel if you are not carrying goods which attract customs duty.
    • Red Channel : For those who have anything to declare, including money worth more than USD 2500.

    Weather Information

    The city of Kanpur enjoys a subtropical humid climate. The average high temperature is 26°C and average minimum is 8°C.

    Please check the following link for the detailed weather information :

    Kanpur Whether


    Participants from Abroad (Non OSA / OSI Members)

    Category Till 15th July 2016 Till 15th November 2016 On Spot
    Regular Academic USD 600 USD 700 USD 800
    Students USD 250 USD 350 USD 450
    Post doctoral Fellows USD 300 USD 400 USD 500
    Business USD 1000 USD 1100 USD 1200

    Participants from India (Non OSA / OSI Members)

    Category Till 15th July 2016 Till 15th November 2016 On Spot
    Regular Academic Rs. 9000 Rs. 10000 Rs. 12000
    Students Rs. 5000 Rs. 6000 Rs. 7500
    Post doctoral Fellows Rs. 6000 Rs. 7000 Rs. 8500
    Business Rs. 14000 Rs. 15000 Rs. 18000

    Participants from Abroad (OSA / OSI Members)

    Category Till 15th July 2016 Till 15th November 2016 On Spot
    Regular Academic USD 510 USD 595 USD 680
    Students USD 215 USD 300 USD 400
    Post doctoral Fellows USD 255 USD 340 USD 425
    Business USD 850 USD 935 USD 1020

    Participants from India ( OSA / OSI Members)

    Category Till 15th July 2016 Till 15th November 2016 On Spot
    Regular Academic Rs. 7650 Rs. 8500 Rs. 10200
    Students Rs. 4250 Rs. 5100 Rs. 6375
    Post doctoral Fellows Rs. 5100 Rs. 5950 Rs. 7225
    Business Rs. 11900 Rs. 12750 Rs. 15300

    Note :

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  • Conference papers may only be presented by registered participants.
  • Papers with incomplete registrations will not be a part of the conference.
  • All papers that are a part of the conference will be citable.
  • They will be published and archieved in the OSA Technical Digest.
  • Select subset of papers may further be chosen for publication in referred Journals.

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