Lead Speakers/Panelists

The speakers/panelists for the workshop include leading experts from utilities/industries/R&D organization and academicians from renowned institutions. IIT Kanpur had also carried out a project funded by CPRI Bangalore on “Wide Area Measurement and Control for Improving Observability and Stability of Power System”. Main findings and methodology developed in this project will also be disseminated.

Topic Speaker
Introduction to Synchrophasor Technology S. C. Srivastava, IIT Kanpur
Synchrophasor Assisted State Estimation of Power Systems S. Chakrabarti, IIT Kanpur
Introduction to low frequency mode identification using Wide Area Monitoring System P. Tripathy, IIT Guwahati
Observation of Power System Dynamic Phenomena using Synchronized Wide-Area Frequency Measurements A. Kulkarni, IIT Bombay
Synchrophasor Assisted Voltage Stability Monitoring including Optimal PMU Placement R. Sodhi, IIT Ropar
Applying PMU data for Power System Protection A. Pradhan, IIT Kharagpur
Secure Remote Backup Protection of transmission lines using syncrophasors S. A. Soman, IIT Bombay
WAMS based load shedding scheme for ensuring frequency and voltage instability K. Seethalaksmi, BBD University, Lucknow
National Roadmap for WAMS Technology Deployment N.S.Sodha,PowerGrid,Gurgaon
Synchrophasor Testing requirements and Proposed Facility at CPRI CPRI, Bangalore
NRLDC's experience with the WAMS in Northern Grid P.K.Agrawal, NRLDC, New Delhi
RTDS and Synchrophasor Lab Demonstration IIT Kanpur