About Our Sponsors

SAE IITK is always looking for new partners who can support and better our project. Besides increasing brand awareness through various events, partnering with us also brings you in contact with young, motivated potential employees. Projects like Formula SAE Italy provides our team members with more practical knowledge and experience and an edge over other graduates. Our team members have the unique and valuable experience of building a complete car encompassing aspects like designing, manufacturing, testing and marketing. Being adept in not only technical domain but also in team work, organisation and project management, they develop strong principles and skills in professionalism, work-ethics and leading from the front. The media and public attention of FSAE has always been on the rise. We always emphasize our relationship with sponsors when we managing or holding any event. Being associated with young, dynamic motivated technical students from one of the best engineering institute of the country is great when you are looking to further enhance your company's image. This goal being accomplished through multiple planned publicity avenues taken care by our dedicated marketing and event-management team.

IITK Motorsports Brochure 19-20

Sponsor's Role

Financial Assistance

Finance is the lifeline of any project. We welcome sponsorship of any amount which will help this initiative to be successfully completed.

Technical Knowledge and Guidance

The success of this project is dependent on the technical know-how which is often not available in academic circles. Your contribution on this front will be invaluable.

Parts Sponsorship

The completion of the Formula Race Car is dependent on the availability of special parts that are rarely available in the open market.

Industrial Contacts

Sometimes, getting in touch with the right people is more important for taking the project ahead. Various machining processes and heat treatment processes require expertise and knowledge that may be rare.

Sponsors Scheme

Benefits 1st Tier( 100k+ ) 2nd Tier( 75k+ ) 3rd Tier( 50k+ ) 4th Tier( 25k+ )
Logos on the Vehicle Extra Large + Medium Extra Large Large Medium
Dedicated Poster Release on social media
Partnership Certificates
Company logo on Team apparel and driving gear
Company logo on Team official website
Thank You plaque with Team Photo
Invitation as the Guest of Honour for the Launch Event
Sponsor Podium Acknowledgement
Corporate Branding
Special Recognition In Print and News media
Publicity In College Festivals
Hoardings on pit during competition
Workshops at Institute's technical fests
Promotional displays at Company's events
Company's name associated with vehicle's name

Why Sponsor Us?

Sponsor Logo on the car

The company logo will be displayed on prominent positions on the car as well as on team uniforms publicizing the company in an international event. There are 10,000 students participating across the world and an event audience of over 100,000 enthusiastic people. FSAE is an irresistible chance to market your valuable brand.

Official night

We will organize an event where you can view the car up close, ask questions and meet the entire team including faculty members and special guests.

Public Events

Our team will attend a number of public events a year. Some of which includes the prestigious Auto Expo in Delhi, Mini Auto Expo in Chandigarh and industry visits.

Promotional displays

We will present our car at various company events our sponsors may hold throughout the year. This will allow company employees an opportunity to see the car as well as their associates and will make company stand out at an expo.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Funding and guiding a project which support innovation for development of new technology will add to CSR of your company.

College Festivals

Our sponsors will be promoted through Techkriti (our technical festival) where the car will be displayed.

Sponsor Focus in Newsletter

The sponsor companies will get focus in our newsletter highlighting their products/brands. The newsletter will reach all the stakeholders (sponsors, administration, faculty etc.) and in our residency campus comprising 10000 residents.


We have a website that highlights sponsor contribution in great detail whilst showcasing the car design and the team and providing regular updates on the team's progress. Also, the technical details we provide on our site serve as a platform of learning for many students

Our Sponsors