Humanities & Social Sciences

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

The Psychology discipline in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at IIT Kanpur has been able to create substantial impact through teaching, research, projects, and consultancy.

Psychology at IIT Kanpur

The discipline is active in the areas of Cognitive Neuropsychology, Cognitive Factors in Design, Trauma Psychology, Affective Processes, Psychological Assessment, Applied Social Psychology, Cultural Psychology, Alternative Paradigms of Psychology, Disaster Mental Health, Qualitative Methodology, Cognitive Psychology, Health Psychology, Social Cognition, Organizational Cognition, Social Representations of Health and Illness and Military Psychology.

Currently, there are three faculty members - Shikha Dixit, Braj Bhushan and Kumar Ravi Priya. The discipline has a strong PhD program, and the graduate students are placed in positions of prestige and honour in the country and abroad. The Discipline has a state-of-the-art Psychology Laboratory, well stocked up-to-date library, and world class computer facilities. The Discipline undertakes sponsored and consultancy projects in areas of interest of the faculty members.

Psychology PhD Admission Test Syllabus