BS-MS (PG Part-Category-A) (From the Same Department)  
  1st to 8th 9th 10th
O DE PG-1[09] DE PG-3[09]
U DE PG-2[09] DE PG-4[09]
R OE PG-1/DE PG-5 [09] OE PG-2/DE PG-6 [09]
E 45 45


MS-PROJECT guidelines: Out of the four MS PROJECTS, at least two should be with the same supervisor. In this case, preferably the second project is expected to be a continuation of the first project on related topics.

The four project courses are MTH 697, MTH 698, MTH 699, and MTH 700.


BT/BS-MS (PG Part-Category-B) (From other Departments) Template No. BS-MTH-3
UG Pre-Requisites
PG Requirements
C Odd Semester Even Semester Odd Semester Even Semester
O MTH201A [11] MTH204A [11] MS PROJECT-1 [9+9] MS PROJECT-2 [9+9]
U MTH301A [11] MTH301A [11] DE PG-1 [09] DE PG-3 [09]
R MTH305A [11] MTH308A [10] DE PG-2 [09] DE PG-4 [09]
S MTH403A [11] MTH421A [11]    
E MTH424A [11]    
S MTH430A [10]
  65 43 36 36




  PG Component 72 Credits  


  1. All courses to be taken with the permission of Supervisor/DUGC Convener.

  2. Minimum credit requirement mentioned under the dual degree template is only for the MS part of the programme. In addition to these credits, students are required to follow and their graduation requirements for their UG programme.

  3. Department may restrict the number of students in this program to at most 10 students.


Objective Of The Program

  • To cultivate a mathematical attitude and nurture the interests,

  • To motivate for research in mathematical and statistical sciences,

  • To train computational scientists who can work on real life challenging problems

Structure Of The Programme (From Second Year onwards)



Year II

Semester III

Semester IV

MTH 203

HSS - I - 2

CHM 201

ESO 209

TA 201

MTH 202

ESO 211

MTH 204

MTH 201

MTH 302





Year III

Semester V

Semester VI

HSS - II - 1

MTH 304

MTH 301

MTH 306

MTH 423

MTH 308

MTH 401





Year IV

Semester VII

Semester VIII

MTH 403


MTH 421


MTH 423





Year V

Semester IX

Semester X

HSS - II- 2

MTH 599

MTH 598



In addition to above, the student must complete the following credits:

- HSS-2 08 Credits
- GE * 28 Credits (Group Electives)
- NDE 08 Credits


- DE 12 credits and OE 16 credits OR - DE 8 credits and OE 20 credits

Group A

MTH 404 Analysis-II, MTH 405 Functional Analysis, MTH 411 Probability Theory-II, MTH 424 Partial Differential Equations, MTH 611 Algebra-II, MTH 612 An Introduction to Commutative Algebra, MTH 620 Measure Theory, MTH 621 Fourier Analysis, MTH 624 Differentiable Manifolds and Lie Groups, MTH 627 Applied Harmonic Analysis, MTH 648 Differential Geometry, MTH 649 Algebraic Topology

Group B

MTH 412 Stochastic Processes, MTH 416 Regression Analysis, MTH 417 Sampling Theory, MTH 418 Inference-I, MTH 428 Mathematical Methods, MTH 506 Optimization, MTH 511 Statistical Simulation & Data Analysis, MTH 513 Analysis of Variance, MTH 514 Multivariate Analysis, MTH 515 Inference-II, MTH 517 Time Series Analysis, MTH 522 Finite Element Method, MTH 523 Fluid Mechanics, MTH 524 Algorithms, MTH 603 Mathematical Modelling, MTH 657 Graph Theory, MTH 658 Nonlinear Dynamical Systems, MTH 686 Non-Linear Regression, MTH 691 Numerical Linear Algebra, MTH 692 Numerical Solutions to ODE, MTH 693 Numerical Solutions to PDE, MTH 698 Parallel Numerical Algorithms,

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