The BS and MS programs in Statistics & Data Science

Admission to the program is also through Joint Entrance JEE (Adv). The program is tailor-made for students interested in the study and analysis of data. It focusses on fundamental statistical, mathematical, computational, and data science courses, with students having the opportunity to do elective courses from other departments. The emphasis is on the following: (i) imparting raw computational training to the students, (ii) have courses of the curriculum integrate both theoretical and practical commentary with diverse discussion of data applications wherever feasible, and at the same time, (iii) put forth a robust base in rigorous mathematical and statistical concepts. All the features of flexibility and opportunities as described for the BS program in Mathematics & Scientific Computing hold for this BS program as well. In fact, this program has made its mark already among the JEE aspirants, with the opening and closing JEE All India Ranks in 2021 being 492 and 1280, respectively. Graduates of the program will be empowered with the skills and knowledge to build flourishing careers in data science industry and also pursue higher studies in classical and modern statistics and data science.