Master of Technology (M.Tech)

The department of Materials Science and Engineering at IIT Kanpur offers following degree programmes.
The post graduate programme leading to Master of Technology (M. Tech.) degree has been designed to help students pursue their career options in industry, research & development, as well as in academia. The 22-month program is divided into four full semesters in addition to the summer semester. The students can choose their thesis guide(s) within first semester of entering the program and can start working on their research topic leading to the M. Tech. thesis. During the research work, a student has to get hands-on training on various processing and characterization instruements as necessary. Generally, the students complete their course work in the first year. The nature of courses is multifaceted which equip the students with fundamental understanding of various topics and their applications that can further help them to choose a particular area for their professional career. Midway through the program, students may apply for switch-over to the PhD programme, subject to meeting necessary academic requirements. The program is designed for the students with background in metallurgical engineering, materials science and/or engineering, other appropriate engineering disciplines, polymers, ceramics, physics and chemistry.

Criteria for the admission into the M.Tech. Programme


A student registered in the M. Tech. program has to do four compulsory courses:

  1. First semester compulsory courses:
    • MSE 615 (Structure and Characterization of Materials) and
    • MSE 626 (Transport Phenomena)
  2. Second semester compulsory courses:
    • MSE 616 (Thermodynamics of Materials) and
    • MSE 617 (Mathematical and Computational Methods)

Remaining two courses in each of the first two semesters will be chosen by the candidate him/herself to fulfil the minimum credit requirement. Students may seek the help and advice of DPGC and/or their supervisor if required.

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A minimum CGPA of 6.5 should be maintained to graduate with a M. Tech. degree.
All the PG students will have to compulsorily register for the seminar courses before the completion of programme:

  • MSE690-Seminar Participation in II semester and
  • MSE691- Seminar Presentation in III semester

Choice of Advisor/Guide

The student can chose his/her M. Tech. guide within the first semester after discussing with faculty in the department. A student, if necessary, can also chose a co-guide from any department in consultation with the departmental guide.

Teaching Assistant (TA) duty

PG Students on institute assistantship will have to put in 8 hours of TA work/week. The TA assignment will be done every semester by the DPGC.

Thesis Oral Defense

At the end of fourth semester, the students defend their thesis in front of an Oral Board (which will be open for all). Details regarding the constitution of the Oral Board and other related matters can be found in the PG manual.
PG manual is available at the SPGC webpage. It has complete information regarding institute rules and guidelines